4 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis During the Summer

4 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis During the Summer

Summertime is finally here. For most people, summer means warmer temperatures, more time in the sun, and of course, travelling to see friends or new places. These few months will pass quickly, so many people want to maximize the summertime while it’s here.

Though cannabis and its various products are suitable year-round, there are unique ways you can use cannabis to enhance your summertime plans and experiences. We’ll show you four of them.

1. Choose Summertime Cannabis Strains

There are thousands of different cannabis strains out there. They offer various effects, several flavours, and distinctive aromas. This summer, you should consider trying some cannabis strains that have summertime flavours and names.

Though there are many to choose from, here are few suggestions to help you start:

  • Summertime Squeeze. Sativa-dominant, this particular strain has a delightful citrusy and fruity aroma. It has been known to increase energy, giving you the boost you need to get through all your daily activities.  
  • Maui Wowie. Transport yourself to the beaches of Hawaii with this sativa strain. It is known for its tropical flavours and aroma and for boosting user’s energy and creativity.
  • Grape Ape. This indica plant is known for its relaxing properties, making it perfect for taking as you relax after a long day outdoors. Plus, its grape flavour makes it the ideal summertime strain.

Choose Summertime Cannabis Strains

2. Eat Your Cannabis This Summer

Cannabis edibles aren’t new to the market, but what is new is cooking with cannabis and making cannabis drinks at home.

More and more people are finding ways to add cannabis, whether it be dried, ground buds or oils, to their favourite recipes or using it to infuse drinks. There are tons of different recipes out there that show you how to make cannabis-infused products, such as:

  • Homemade edibles.
  • Cannabis-infused main dishes and side dishes.
  • Popsicles.
  • Iced tea.
  • Lemonade.
  • Cocktails and mocktails.

Many people like to make their cannabis-infused foods and drinks because it allows them to use recipes that follow their dietary needs and preferences. Plus, when you eat cannabis, you get long-lasting results.

Once you choose your recipe, be sure to select a cannabis strain or oil that complements your dish. For example, if you are making strawberry popsicles, a strawberry flavoured cannabis oil or strain with strawberry flavours would go well with it. But, these strains and products would likely not go as well if you were making cannabis-infused barbeque sauce.

When you use cannabis to make your edibles, whatever type of edible it may be, you must keep them out of reach of children and ensure anyone who eats them knows what is in them. 

3. Travelling With Cannabis

As you start to poke your heads out after a year stuck at home and with summer’s arrival, travel is on the minds of many. Though a vacation is a great way to make memories with loved ones and take a break from the day-to-day activities, it can also be quite stressful.

Not only do you need to plan your trip, but you also need to coordinate how you are getting there and where to stay, not to mention activities and getting time off work. It’s a lot.

Cannabis can help make this process easier. And if you have travel anxiety, a little bit of cannabis can help make travelling easier in general. Just be sure you choose a strain known for assisting people in relaxing and not one that will boost your energy. And, don’t use cannabis before you get behind the wheel.

Travelling with cannabis is easier than you may realize. You can fly within Canada with cannabis products (within limits), and because it is legal in the country, you can take it to other provinces and territories. You’ll need to make sure you only carry the amount allowed and that you are of age to possess it in each territory you pass through and at your destination.

If you are travelling with cannabis, consider more travel-friendly product options like:

  • Cannabis edibles.
  • Gummies.
  • Cannabis capsules.

Cannabis and Skincare

4. Cannabis and Skincare

Though skincare is essential year-round, each new season can bring a new set of challenges when it comes to keeping your skin looking its best. The summer months are no exception.

Because most people tend to spend more time outdoors during the summer, dry skin, sunburn, and exposure to elements that can damage the skin are even more common. It’s up to you to protect yourself from these issues.

Cannabis skincare and beauty products are relatively new but are becoming increasingly popular. These products most often are lotions, creams, oils, and other topicals that have been infused with CBD, one of the most prominent compounds found in cannabis plants.

 CBD has many properties that benefit our skin:

  • It can soothe skin that is burned and red.
  • CBD might also help alleviate pain caused by sunburns and even bug bites.
  • It can also help keep healing skin from getting infected.
  • CBD can regulate moisture production and lock in moisture, helping you keep your skin hydrated after a day out in the sun.
  • CBD can help protect your skin from free radicals found in the environment and cause skin damage.

With all these benefits, it is no surprise cannabis and CBD-infused skincare products have become so popular. You should consider adding these to your summertime skincare routine.

In Conclusion

Cannabis is suitable for use year-round. But if you are looking for unique ways you can enjoy cannabis this summer, these are four places to start:

  1. Try a summertime cannabis strain.
  2. Add cannabis to your favourite summer meal or drink.
  3. Use cannabis to help make travelling more enjoyable.
  4. Try a cannabis-infused skincare product.

Keep in mind when trying new strains and cannabis products, and when adding it to food and drink, remember your dosage. Always start with a low dose or add a small amount to your recipe. Then increase it as you need to, down the road.

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