Best Cannabis Strains For Depression

Best Cannabis Strains For Depression

Have you ever been depressed and needed something to relax? Cannabis could be that answer, but there are some things to note. First, marijuana can add to depression and should not be used, thinking it is a cure. Second, if you suffer from depression, please discuss if adding cannabis to your treatment schedule is appropriate with your doctor. If your doctor gives you the green light and you are looking for some of the cannabis strains for depression, look no further.  Here are my top 5 best cannabis strains that help with my depression.


Best Cannabis Strains For Depression

Northern Lights

Another great challenger for best weed strain for anxiety and depression is Northern Lights. The indica-dominant Northern Lights cannabis strain is a cross between Thai and Afghani cannabis varieties and has a breakdown of 95% Indica and 5% Sativa. With THC levels that can reach up to 26%, this potent strain is not ideal for novice users, but it produces a relaxed and focused high for those who are more experienced with cannabis use. In addition, the Northern Lights weed strain has densely packed buds, which produce a luscious aroma of citrus and pine with floral notes.  

The medical use for the Northern Lights marijuana strain ranges from chronic pain and migraines to the treatment of psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety. In addition, because of its high potency and ability to promote appetite, Northern Lights also treat eating disorders such as anorexia. This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors – preferably in a hydroponic setup to maximize your yields. 


Best Cannabis Strains For Depression

Charlotte’s Web

CBD weed such as the Charlottes Web strain is some of the best cannabis for depression. This medicinally potent strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid known for its high CBD levels, reaching 17% to 20%. Yet, Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain contains negligible THC levels, which means that it won’t give its users the same high typical of other cannabis varieties. In addition, Charlotte’s Web weed strain’s aroma can be on the skunky side with some floral notes, while the appearance is usually Sativa-like with long, tempered buds.

Due to its high levels of CBD and trace amounts of THC, Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain is perfect for treating medical conditions in children or those who want to avoid the cerebral high usually associated with cannabis consumption. In addition, the strain can help successfully treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Unfortunately, the rare Charlotte’s Web plant is not available in seed form, but you may obtain clones that will grow well, unfortunately, the indoor and outdoor settings. 

Sour Diesel 

The Sour Diesel cannabis strain is a potent mix of Indica and Sativa, with a hybrid ratio of 90% Sativa to 10% Indica. Its origin story is highly debated. Some claim it was created by crossing the Mexican Sativa with a Chemdog Phenotype – the result being a strain with an average THC content of 26%. With large, solid buds of cylindrical shape, the Sour Diesel weed strain is typically covered in red pistils and produces a citrusy aroma with a diesel flavour touch. 

The medical applications of the Sour Diesel marijuana strain are numerous and versatile. It is particularly well suited for treating attention deficit disorders due to its highly cerebral high. It is also one of the best weed strains for depression, anxiety, stress disorders, and eating disorders. Sour Diesel also boasts impressive anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in treating cramps and headaches. 


Durban Poison

Durban Poison

The Durban Poison cannabis strain is a pure Sativa, sometimes referred to as the “coffee” of cannabis. Originating in South Africa, this strain derives from naturally growing cannabis in the region, and therefore, retains all the properties of a pure African landrace strain. The Durban Poison weed strain contains an average of 15%-25% THC. Its fragrance and flavours draw strongly from citrus fruit and pine, resulting in a seductive and alluring mixture. The buds typically have a fuzzy appearance due to high crystallization and an abundance of whitish pistils. 

The Durban Poison marijuana strain can help alter moods and create a pleasant feeling of euphoria. Therefore, many believe it will grow among the best marijuana strains for depression and anxiety and help diminish migraines and nausea. This highly energizing strain is ideal for those who desire immediate and long-lasting effects combined with alertness and focus. 



Another best cannabis strain for depression is Cannatonic. The weed strain is an award-winning strain rumoured to have started the entire CBD movement in Europe. This 50/50 Hybrid holds a high CBD level of 12%, making it one of the top medicinal strains around. Its tightly packed, medium-sized chunky popcorn buds are green-yellow, coated in trichome crystals and surrounded by tiny sugar leaves. Cannatonic puts off a distinct aroma that is earthy when it first hits your nostrils but is quickly followed by hints of citrus that turns sourer after lighting. Your tastebuds won’t be too overwhelmed with this strain, but you’ll find a flavour of fresh pine and citrus with a tangy sweetness that lingers on your tongue.

The Cannatonic marijuana strain holds a lower THC level of 7%-15%. A decent high, but more mellow than the average buds. This CBD-rich strain brings optimism and relaxation without the heightened energy that most hybrid strains bring. A calm high, if you will. It’s one of the hottest medicinal strains on the market and linked with aiding a long list of medical symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, and more severe conditions such as cerebral palsy. As a result, Cannatonic has become the strain of choice for countless medical and recreational marijuana users alike. 

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