Canada Marijuana Pricing Guide

Canada Marijuana Pricing Guide

Canada has swiftly become a global hotspot for marijuana, especially after marijuana became legal across the country in late 2018. Users in Canada can now buy a range of marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, and more legally and conveniently. Not only is it exceptionally easy to get your hands on weed, but marijuana pricing in Canada is fair and affordable.

The price of marijuana in Canada can largely depend on where you buy from. There are now many dispensaries across the country, both private and government-run. The prices can vary between stores and even more vastly between provinces. What’s more, you can also buy weed online for even cheaper deals. Here’s a Canada marijuana pricing guide to help.

Canada Marijuana Pricing Guide

Canada’s marijuana pricing can vary quite significantly across the country. Many provinces have government-run cannabis stores, and while stores in provinces like Quebec might offer the same prices, you might be paying significantly different prices if you buy weed in another province. Some provinces also have privately-run marijuana stores, meaning prices can vary even more.

Although it’s hard to determine exactly how much weed costs across the country, government statistics shed some light on the average weed prices in Canada. According to StatCan, the average consumer price of a gram of marijuana in Canada went down from $8.06 in 2015 to $7.00 in 2018.

That doesn’t mean you should expect to get cheap weed everywhere. Different provinces have different prices and how much you pay can also depend on the kind of marijuana strain or product you’re buying. However, on the whole, it seems that weed in Canada is getting cheaper as time goes on.

Canada Marijuana Pricing Guide

Canada Marijuana Prices By Province

If you choose to buy marijuana from physical stores, the price-per-gram you can expect to pay largely depends on where you’re buying from. Although statistics suggest the average price of a gram in Canada is $7.00, the average price in each province varies widely.

StatCan provides statistics on the average price for a gram of weed in each province both pre-legalization and post-legalization. Here are the average post-legalization prices for a gram of dried cannabis in each province and territory from lowest to highest.

Quebec: $6.75

British Columbia: $7.15

Prince Edward Island: $7.69

Saskatchewan: $8.02

Ontario: $8.05

New Brunswick: $8.27

Nova Scotia: $8.73

Alberta: $9.07

Manitoba: $9.14

Newfoundland and Labrador: $9.36

Yukon: $10.26

Northwest Territories: $14.45

Nunavut: N/A

It seems that the price-per-gram on average varies from around $6.75 to $14.45. However, many of these prices have likely changed more in the year since cannabis became legal. You may also pay more for weed if you live in a larger city or a province with privately-run retail stores. With that said, there is a way to get marijuana even cheaper.

Online Canada Marijuana Prices

Although many legal cannabis stores have opened up all across the country, many users choose to buy online instead. When you buy marijuana online, you can often find a wide range of high-quality products at fair and affordable prices. You might even find even better prices than you would find in local stores.

For example, you can get an ounce of high-quality strains such as Nuken for as little as $210, giving you a value of $7.50 per gram. Some strains are even cheaper. For example, an ounce of Gorilla Glue #5 costs only $190, giving you $6.80 per gram. Tons of other options are available and you can find good prices on all of these products.

Buying in higher quantities gives you better discounts, but you can buy as little as 3.5 grams instead if you prefer. In addition to competitive prices, many orders also come with free gifts and reward points, giving you even more value for your money. You can also check out other kinds of products.

Alternative Marijuana Products Pricing Guide

Alternative Marijuana Products Pricing Guide

Buying strains of weed isn’t your only option. You might find you get even more value for your money by buying other kinds of marijuana-infused products. There are now many convenient ways to consume marijuana, many of which will barely cost you anything.

Edibles are one of the best kinds of cannabis products you can buy. They’re cheap, enjoyable, and it only takes a 10mg serving to get high for hours. A bag of 200mg THC Gummies costs only $15, meaning you can get high plenty of times for less than the price of an eighth.

Concentrates are another good option. Although they cost much more per-gram than weed, they’re extremely high in THC, meaning it only takes a small dab to get an intense high. Other valuable options include Oils and Vape Products.

Best Way To Buy Marijuana In Canada

Usually, the best way to buy marijuana in Canada is to buy online. Although there are many stores open, buying online often gives you better prices, a wider range of products, and the convenience of having products delivered directly to your address safely and conveniently. offers a wide range of high-quality marijuana strains at competitive prices. Plus, not only can you find all of your favorite strains for cheap, but you can also get special rewards. As well as customer rewards points on every purchase, you’ll also get a free gram with your first order and a free gift with every order of half an ounce or more.

Plus, marijuana strains aren’t all that’s on offer. You can also find a range of affordable Marijuana Edibles, known for their ability to make you incredibly high for hours with a single serving. Alternatively, you can check out Vape Products, Topicals, Concentrates, and CBD Products, all available for convenient delivery anywhere in Canada.


Canada marijuana pricing can depend on a few factors. For one, prices in stores can vary significantly from province to province. They can also vary depending on where you buy- especially in provinces with privately-run marijuana stores. It can also depend on the type of strain or product you buy. To get great prices no matter where you are in Canada, it’s best to buy marijuana online.

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