Cannabis and Caffeine

Cannabis and Caffeine: How Mixing Them Affects Your High

Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee or that glass of soda you drink mid-day, caffeine is a part of many people’s daily lives. This stimulant often offers the pick-me-up people need to get their day started or finish their afternoon tasks.

Cannabis is often thought to help people relax. Yet, many users find cannabis helpful in making them stay focused, alert, and productive. It makes sense then that people have started to combine the two.

But what happens when cannabis and caffeine mix? The answer may surprise you.

Facts of Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants in the world, if not the most popular. It can be found in a variety of different products, such as:

  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks

Although in small doses, this chemical compound can increase alertness and is generally safe in high amounts. However, too much caffeine can be dangerous, leading to increased heart rate and even anxiety. That’s why buying pure caffeine products is not recommended.

In addition to helping to increase alertness, caffeine is often sought to alleviate headaches as well.

Facts of Caffeine

Mixing Caffeine and Cannabis

Cannabis is known to provide users with many different effects and experiences. Most people associate cannabis with a calming effect. Visions of smokes glued to the couch will often come to mind.

So, won’t mixing cannabis and caffeine, which is a stimulant, leave you feeling normal? Won’t the two cancel each other out?

While that would make sense, science has found that is not the case. Although research on cannabis and caffeine is still in its infancy, to date, initial studies suggest that the two can complement each other and work together.

Here’s what people believe or have noted to happen when using cannabis and caffeine together:

  • Some users believe consuming a small amount of caffeine with their cannabis helps their high last longer. This is not yet proven scientifically, though.
  • Science has shown that caffeine and cannabis can increase dopamine levels. So, when taken together, the boost is greater.

The improved and potentially longer-lasting effects make mixing cannabis and caffeine appealing to many.

Mixing Cannabis and Caffeine: Things to Note

If you are considering adding cannabis to your caffeine, there are some things you should remember and take into consideration.

First, the type of cannabis strain you use and mix with your caffeine may influence the effects you’ll feel. If you want to improve alertness and energy levels, you will likely want to choose a strain that helps with this as well. Sativa strains are popular for morning and daytime use because these plants generally offer these types of effects.

Second, too much is not a good thing. As mentioned earlier, too much caffeine can lead to some adverse effects. Too much cannabis can, too. When you take too much of both, you may find yourself feeling jittery and anxious instead of energized and focused. Be sure to know your cannabis and caffeine limits before mixing the two.

Finally, know that everyone’s body is different. The way you respond to cannabis and caffeine (separately or together) will not be exactly the same as another person. So, it is important to be careful when you first start mixing the two and know that you may need to experiment a bit to find the perfect combination.

Ways to Mix Caffeine and Cannabis

There are many ways you can add cannabis to your caffeine intake (or vice versa), including:

  • Choosing the right edibles. As mentioned, chocolate contains caffeine. If you purchase edibles such as cannabis chocolate, brownies, even chocolate chip cookies, you will be getting some caffeine if the product is made with natural cocoa.
  • Making cannabis coffee. Infusing coffee with cannabis, either via a drop or making cannabis coffee, is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to start their day. You can choose your favourite coffee and combine it with a flavoured CBD oil or an unflavoured option to create a unique beverage for yourself.
  • Steeping it in tea. Tea is also a source of caffeine, and steeping cannabis in your tea can help improve its effects. Just be sure to be smart with the flavours and strain combinations you try. Tea is excellent in the mornings and throughout the day.

Ways to Mix Caffeine and Cannabis

Tips for Mixing Caffeine and Cannabis

If you are ready to make your own cannabis and caffeine beverage or snack, remember that it will take some trial and error to find the right mix of each. Here are three tips to help you as you start enjoying your cannabis and caffeine together:

  1. Start with small amounts of each. The first time you add cannabis to your coffee, for example, start with a smaller cup of coffee and less cannabis than you usually use. Remember, the two together will likely heighten your effects. By using less, you may get the same effects as you did with your usual cup of coffee.
  2. Go slow. Remember, it takes time for your body to process both compounds. Don’t gulp down two cups because you don’t feel anything. Allow at least 30 minutes to start feeling the effects of each. Then, adjust your dosage after that (or next time).
  3. Don’t overdo it. If you tend to work on the same cup of coffee all day, remember that you’ve added cannabis to it. That means it is more powerful, so keeping track of how much you’ve had is necessary to prevent you from becoming too jittery.

Final Thoughts

Mixing cannabis and caffeine may seem counterintuitive. But, the two can actually work well together, enhancing the effects each offers users. It’s no wonder so many people are starting to mix the two together.

Whether you are eating a chocolate edible or drinking cannabis-infused coffee, there are many ways you can enjoy the effects both caffeine and cannabis have to offer. Just remember to start small to prevent having a less-than-optimal experience.

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