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THC & Edibles What is a Safe Standard Dose

THC & Edibles: What is a Safe Standard Dose?

If you’re used to smoking or vaping weed but want a new experience, then you might want to try edibles. These are food products that have been enhanced with the THC from marijuana, meaning they’ll give you the same psychoactive effects you’d get from smoking weed when you get them. Not only do they give…

Relieve Anxiety with CBD Oils and Gummies

How Real People Relieve Their Anxiety with CBD Oils and Gummies

Cannabis isn’t just good for getting high- it’s now commonly used as an alternative treatment for various physical and mental symptoms. However, while marijuana is a go-to for some users, others prefer the non-psychoactive effects of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that won’t get you high, yet studies show many people now use…

Why Edible Marijuana Is Stronger Than Smoking

Why Edible Marijuana Is Stronger Than Smoking

If you love the effects of marijuana but want something stronger than smoking, edible marijuana is perfect for you. You can buy or make marijuana edibles in all kinds of forms, from delicious fruit gummy bears to chocolate brownies infused with THC. Not only do these products provide a tastier way to consume weed, but…

The Growing World of Edibles Condiments

The Growing World of Edibles Condiments

The selection of marijuana products available for consumers today continues to grow. Adults in Canada can now choose from a massive selection of strains, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and plenty more and even order their favorite products for delivery. However, marijuana edibles remain a huge favorite for many users. While popular forms of marijuana edibles include…

Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs. Smoking: Ingesting Marijuana

Two of the most popular methods of ingesting marijuana are Edibles and Smoking. Smoking weed is probably the most common and popular way to get the effects of marijuana, while Edibles offer a stronger and more sustained experience. Both of these methods have pros and cons, so when it comes to Edibles vs. Smoking, which…

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