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Is It Safe To Take Cannabis With Viagra

What to Know About Taking Cannabis With Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Is It Safe To Take Cannabis With Viagra? The first erectile dysfunction medication on the market was Viagra or sildenafil citrate. This medicine has been taken by millions of men to increase blood flow to the penis, making it easier for them to get an erection. If you reside in a Country where marijuana is…

What Is Cannabis?

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is one plant among thousands, but its standout qualities give it a special place in society, pop culture, and scientific research. Have you ever wondered what is cannabis? Then, you’re in the right place to learn all about this unique plant. The marijuana plant contains many special properties that distinguish it from the rest of…

Is Cannabudder the Same as Cannabutter

Is Cannabudder the Same as Cannabutter?

Cannabis can come in many forms and be used in many different ways. Keeping track of the correct names for different cannabis products can be confusing, especially if different products have different names. If you venture outside of the traditional cannabis flower market and into other areas like concentrates and edibles, there are two terms…

Your Marijuana Guide

Your Marijuana Guide: What’s Legal and What’s Not

Though the use of recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada a few years ago, people still have many questions about what is and is not legal. And this confusion is understandable. Though the government has rules and regulations in place at a national level, each province and territory has the ability to set its own…

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