Crazy Bill Headshop Review

Crazy Bill’s is a family-owned and operated cannabis paraphernalia shop, but it started out as a simple convenience store in Brantford, Ontario. Over time, the store expanded and morphed into a hub for those interested in cannabis culture, offering high-quality products, cannabis education, and community outreach for those in need.

If you’re an Ontario-area resident who’s been wondering, “What are the top head shops near me?”, then Crazy Bill’s should be at the top of your list. It’s easy to find a convenient location since CrazyBills now operates stores in Brantford, Hamilton (2), Kitchener, and Burlington.

What Choose Crazy Bill’s?

In an era where Big Business is forcing many mom-and-pop shops to shutter their doors, Crazy Bill’s has remained a constant in the community for nearly twenty years, in large part because they don’t just say they care about the community, they show it.

One of the keys to eliminating the stigma surrounding cannabis is making sure that consumers and non-consumers alike have the most up-to-date and relevant information available. CrazyBills is on the front lines of tearing down that stigma by making sure people have the education they need to make informed decisions.

The owners and staff at Crazy Bills also recognize that there are people in the community who struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table. So, once a year, they clear all their store shelves and donate their food products to the local food banks. Crazy Bill’s doesn’t just sell, it also serves.

CrazyBills greets everyone who walks through their doors with a warm smile and a determination to make their shopping experience as pleasurable and stress-free as possible. At this head shop, you’re not just a customer, you’re a friend. The staff is deeply passionate about what they do, and they want to make sure that everyone feels like they’ve been heard, helped, and appreciated.

Each Crazy Bill’s store is stocked with an impressive selection of every type of cannabis product you could imagine. They have a large selection of the basics, like pipes, bongs, bubblers, rolling papers, and vaporizers. But CrazyBills also has tons of products designed to create a truly unique cannabis experience, including fizzing bath bombs, foaming scrubs, beard oils, butters, waxes, and shampoos. Does your furry friend get chapped paws when the weather gets cold? If so, Crazy Bills selection of paw butter can get your pal feeling better in no time.

CrazyBills continues to serve the advocacy-minded public outside of its shops through an informative blog, which is found on its user-friendly website. It’s the perfect place to find information on growing cannabis, general news and information, and cannabis laws and legalization. There are recipes for people interested in whipping up their own edibles, and product reviews to help guide consumers in making the best purchases for their personal needs.

Whether you’re an old friend or a new one, Crazy Bill’s offers frequent giveaways and exclusive deals for subscribers.

You haven’t experienced the best that cannabis culture has to offer until you’ve visited a CrazyBills location. Stop by one of their five locations to find out why.

Top 5 Products:

Smoke Buddy


Yocan Evolve Plus

Bolt by Dabado

Red Eye Tek 15 Smashing Stemless Lazy Boy Tube

Raw Skateboards


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