Have You Heard About the Daily High Club?

The Daily High Club is a Los Angeles-based head shop and subscription service for cannabis paraphernalia. It offers smoking accessories such as bongs, papers, and dab rigs as part of a monthly subscription, or as individual items. The subscriptions start from just $1 per month, through to $29.99 per month, in what The Daily High Club calls a ‘no commitment, no shady delivery, no BS’ service. It has shipped over 250,000 bongs worldwide, worked with cannabis-royalty in High Times and Tommy Chong, and prides itself on constructing high-quality products with impeccable attention to detail. If cannabis is something you dabble in a little or a lot, today we will share more on why a membership with this awesome subscription box service is one hard to beat for a stellar smoking experience.

Who Are The Daily High Club? ​ ​ ​

The Daily High Club is a collective of cannabis enthusiasts that make and distribute cannabis accessories. Its team of around 50 employees – led by CEO Harrison Baum – works from LA-based premises to build and ship everything from lowly papers to intricate bongs, on up to special-edition dab rigs. Its online store features a Rick and Morty dab rig, a Tommy Chong-emblazoned t-shirt, and a feast of other weird and wonderful smoking-related items to chose from. It offers a tiered-subscription; starting at $1 per month, and going right up to $29.99 per month, to cover all user bases. The Daily High Club boasts a 500,000-strong social media following and counts Snoop Dog among its fans. To date, it has shipped over 200,000 ‘boxes’ through its subscription services.

The Daily High Club makes serious products but doesn’t take itself too seriously. This ‘work hard, play hard’ approach is evident across its social media platforms, and shows a company engaged with its audience. Competitions, giveaways, product-info, and on-trend posts dominate its Twitter, while the colorful Instagram page features some familiar faces.

The Daily High Club differs from other cannabis-supply distributors in a few ways. For one, it ships internationally. This global reach separates it from competitors, unable to go beyond a handful of countries. Additionally, The Daily High Club boasts a stable of celebrated companies and endorsers, that includes Tommy Chong, B-Real, Dr. Greenthumb and Crystal Cult. Its range of celebrity products are unique to The Daily High Club, and not available anywhere else.
It also offers themed boxes, which focus on holidays like Cinco de Mayo or social issues such as LGBT pride. This finger-on-pulse awareness and thumbs-up from prominent figures in the cannabis community distinguish The Daily High Club from other run-of-the-mill sellers.


How Did The Daily High Club Get Started? ​ ​ ​

The Daily High Club is the brainchild of founder and CEO Harrison Baum. He started the company in 2015 after growing tired of his corporate job and sought a fresh start as an entrepreneur. Baum floated the idea of a smoking-supplies delivery service on Reddit. This concept resonated with smokers, and The Daily High Club gained a few hundred followers overnight. Demand grew quickly, so Baum and his crew extended The Daily High Club inventory to include bongs, pipes, dab rigs, dab nails, and t-shirts.

The Daily High club puts an emphasis on its range of artistic glassware. Members get special access to these premium-crafted bongs and dab rigs, constructed in a host of novelty shapes and sizes. This range is expertly-made by its team in LA, and features skulls, dragons, grenades, elephants and champagne bottles, alongside Pickle Rick. So, what are the advantages of being a member of The Daily High Club? Membership with these awesome peeps offers its members a number of perks including:

Members enjoy special pricing on everything The Daily High Club makes and sells. This includes special, limited-edition bongs and dab rigs.

The Daily High Club ships the accessories right to your door, every month. ​

The Daily High Club has a subscription tier to suit most needs. The $1 box, filled with all-natural papers, will keep a user in joints for an entire month. The $9.99 Connoisseur package allows you to mix and match options, which you can keep or change every month. El Primo is the highest-priced option at $29.99 but is packed full of accessories. Sign up for this level and you’ll get a dab rig, vape-to-glass adapter, lighter, stash kit, papers, wipes, and a DHC surprise. ​

The Daily High Club is far removed from the corporate try-hard mentality. It is a company for smokers, by smokers. ​

What Makes the Daily High Club Such a Great Option for Cannabis Lovers? ​ ​ ​

The Daily High Club is a great option for cannabis smokers for a number of reasons. Firstly, the company ships all of the accessories in one box, right to your door every month. This means you’re unlikely to ever run out of papers, no matter what tier you go for. The highest tier, appropriately named El Primo, covers all the bases; dab rigs, adapters, lighters, papers, and stash tubes all in one box.

Furthermore, The Daily High Club offers its boxed items as individual products. This might appeal to the smoker lacking in one particular item, but doesn’t fancy a subscription. However, members enjoy special pricing on everything sold and get access to limited-edition glassware. As discussed, these dab rigs and bongs are expertly-crafted in both straight and whimsical designs. So if you want to get high through a shrimp-shaped dab rig, or baked by way of a champagne-bottle bong, The Daily High Club has you covered.

Let the Good Times Roll

All in all, The Daily High Club is a one-stop-shop for the cannabis lover. It offers a wide selection of high-quality products through its subscription services, or as stand-alone items. The tiered subscription service means there are options to suit most needs; from a monthly supply of papers to ensure you never run out, right through to the El Primo box, filled with artistic glassware and stash tubes – made with obsessive in mind.

The Daily High Club has germinated from Harrison Baum’s initial Reddit post and has seemingly blossomed into a celebrity-endorsed head-shop that takes the hassle out of sourcing materials. It sends everything right to your door – and leaves you to enjoy the fruits of its labor.

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