How to Hide a Marijuana High

How to Hide a Marijuana High

Many people use cannabis and get high, thanks to the THC most cannabis products and strains contain. This high can leave people feeling everything from calm and relaxed to energized and focused, depending on the strain.

And though most people plan their highs around commitments such as work and dinner with friends, sometimes, the unexpected can occur. Your parents may stop over with little or no notice. You may need to run to the store to get something for dinner (though driving while high is not a good idea).

When the unexpected occurs, you may find yourself needing to quickly cover any signs that you are high on marijuana. Fortunately, there are things you can do, and the way you react to cannabis may work in your favor.

What Does It Look Like to Be High?

Everybody reacts differently to cannabis. Some people may not outwardly appear high, especially if they’ve just taken a small dose or used a less potent cannabis strain. But, other people may start to exhibit signs that can indicate you are high.

Signs of cannabis high often include:

  • Red, dry eyes
  • Dilated pupils
  • Dry mouth

Red eyes can lead to watery eyes, and dilated pupils may cause you to be quite sensitive to light. If you are experiencing a dry mouth, you may be swallowing a lot or suck on your tongue or lips.

In addition to these physical indications of a high, users may act high as well. Some strains will give users a case of giggles or munchies, or you may find yourself glued to your couch. These signs are a bit more difficult to disguise than the physical signs of a high.

Finally, anyone will tell you that cannabis has a very strong and distinct smell. The smell of cannabis smoke can linger on your skin and clothes and even in the air. This smell is perhaps one of the biggest signs that someone is likely high.

How to Hide Your High

How to Hide Your High

So, what can you do to keep these symptoms and signs at bay while you deal with your unexpected guests? Quite a bit, actually.

First, let’s tackle the physical symptoms like dry eyes and mouth.

If you are dealing with red eyes, put in some eye drops to help soothe and calm them. For a dry mouth, have a large glass of water. If your pupils are a bit dilated, consider putting on some sunglasses when you go out to protect them (but keep in mind, wearing sunglasses inside is an indicator to some that you may be high). These are simple ways you can quickly improve these signs of cannabis high.

Next, we will tackle the effects of cannabis. This is harder to hide quickly. Instead, we’ll offer some advice: don’t take more cannabis than you can handle. Cannabis’ effects will eventually fade, and you’ll feel “normal” again. But, if you take too much, you can experience effects that are stronger than you are used to. It’s best to stay within your limits and be smart about when you use your weed.

Finally, we’ll look at the smell of cannabis. This tell-tale sign of cannabis use not only clings to you but the space around you. If you have unexpected guests, you’ll want to clear the air and ensure cannabis can’t be smelled anywhere.

For you, you may want to consider changing your clothes and putting on an outfit you never smoke in. You can also use perfume or body spray to help mask the smell of cannabis smoke. Your hands and breath may also smell, so breath mints or brushing your teeth, as well as washing your hands and putting on lotion, can all help cover the smell of cannabis.

For the space around you, consider using an air freshener, fan, or even a candle to hide the smell. Although it may not take care of it completely, it may help dissipate the smell and not be as strong or noticeable. You can also be sure to only smoke in a specific area and take your guests somewhere else in your house.

Other Cannabis Options

If the thought of appearing high causes you some stress, there are other options to you that won’t leave the tell-tale smoke behind to indicate your cannabis use. Instead of smoking your favourite bud, you may want to consider products such as:

While these can still get you high, they won’t leave a smoke smell, and you likely will not experience some signs such as red eyes. They will not leave the smell of cannabis behind when you use them, making them a more discreet way of consuming cannabis.

Other Cannabis Options

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons people use cannabis: the effects it offers is the main one. While people usually make sure to not smoke (or use a strain that isn’t conducive to being productive) when they have things to do, sometimes unexpected events occur, and you need to quickly hide any signs of your cannabis high.

This involves covering up physical tells, such as red eyes, and eliminating the smell on you and the space around you. Change your clothes, use some air freshener, and open a window to help get the smell out or make it less noticeable to those around you.

Although hiding the effects of cannabis (such as loss of coordination or couth lock) may be a bit harder, try drinking some water to get your system flushed out. Remember, effects will fade eventually. You just need to remain calm until they do, and be sure to only use as much cannabis as you can tolerate.

If you are concerned about having an unplanned visitor or errand, consider trying other cannabis products like gummies or capsules. These can still get you high but won’t leave the tell-tale smoke smell behind and likely won’t cause red eyes and other physical symptoms.

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