How To Smoke Hash Cannabis’ Oldest Concentrate

How To Smoke Hash: Cannabis’ Oldest Concentrate

Hashish, or hash, is one of the oldest cannabis products known in history. People have known how to smoke hash in Arabic and South Asian cultures for hundreds or even thousands of years. So if youre curious about how to use hash, youre becoming part of a long and storied tradition. 

Lets explore how to smoke hash, including five methods that are most popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts. Youll learn everything you need to know about this versatile method, including how to smoke bubble hash, so lets get started.


1. Use A Bong

One of the most popular ways how to use hash is to smoke it in a bong. Bongs are easy and convenient, so many pot lovers turn to this method. Smoking hash from a bong is very similar to smoking buds. Youll need a small screen for the bottom of your bowl, but otherwise, just gather the usual materials: your favourite clean bong, a lighter, and some hash.

Place the screen in the bottom of your bowl, then put your desired hash dose onto the screen. From there, all you need to do is light up. A torch lighter with a long neck is ideal for lighting your bong, but you can also use a standard lighter if thats what you have.

Keep an eye on your hash to make sure it burns evenly. If its lit more on one side than the other, you can gently blow on the hash to encourage an even flame. On the other hand, you might need to keep blowing on it to allow the hash to burn thoroughly. Then, once its caught, start inhaling just like usual.


2. Use A Pipe

Smoking with a pipe is a classic choice. Once you learn how to smoke hash in a pipe, this will just add another skill to your cannabis repertoire. The process of how to smoke hash in a pipe is relatively similar to smoking buds. However, youll need to key your hash before putting it in the pipe. Place your hash on the end of something metal and heatproof, such as a key, spoon, or knife. Hold your tool at the other end and light the hash until it turns soft and crumbly.

The hash will cool quickly. After a few seconds, it should be back to average temperature but with a softened texture. Use your fingers to crush and crumble the hash thoroughly. Add the broken-down hash to your bowl, adding flowers if youd like. Youre ready to light up now that you know how to smoke hash in a pipe.


Why Storing Your Cannabis Joints Is Important

3. Roll A Joint

If you prefer your hash in joints or spliffs, theres a lot to be said for that method. You can learn how to smoke hash from a joint just like you can learn to smoke buds in a joint. Simply add your hash to a rolling paper and go about the process as usual. If youre a spliff lover, you can add tobacco to the mix for an elevated experience. 

Just like smoking hash in a pipe, youll need to heat and crumble your hash before adding it to a joint. This is important whether youre learning how to smoke bubble hash, Moroccan hash, or another variety. You can heat your hash for a few seconds on a key or spoon, then crumble it into the rolling papers once its cooled.


4. Vaping

Vaping might not come to mind when you think about smoking hash, but this modern method can be used for hash. Many pot lovers are missing out by not considering how to use hash with a vaporizer. There are many different ways to enjoy cannabis, and we encourage people to explore the full range. From vaping to bongs to edibles to tinctures, every method offers a slightly different experience thats worth trying for yourself.

However, learning how to smoke hash with a vaporizer isnt always cut and dry. There are so many different vape models on the market. Some are designed for specific purposes, and they might not perform best with hash. If youre interested in smoking bubble hash with a vape pen, make sure to do your research. Hash needs to be burnt at a particular temperature, and not all vapes are up to the job.

Once you decide you want to vape hash, look for vape pens designed with that in mind. You can ask your local cannabis dispensary and research options online to see whats best for you.



5. Hookahs

Hookahs are old-school, but theyre the perfect method for enjoying hash with a group of like-minded friends. A hookah is designed to be used by multiple people. The top of the hookah has a compartment called the chillum where has is placed. 

Start by rolling your hash into tiny balls when youre learning how to smoke hash in a hookah. These balls will eventually be placed into the chillum so that you can use that as a size reference.

Next, light the charcoals, so theyre fully burning on all sides. You want to cover the entire charcoal for an even burn. The water compartment at the base of the hookah should be at least three-quarters full whenever youre using it, so keep an eye on the levels as your night progresses.

Once your coals are glowing red hot, cover your chillum with aluminum foil and place the coals on top. Then, it’s time to start inhaling! When youre just learning how to smoke hash using a hookah, be aware that the process can be slow to get started. You may need to inhale a few times before you begin to get any hash.

In Conclusion on How to Smoke Hash

Now that weve covered several different ways to smoke hash, we hope youll explore some new options. Always remember to take it slow and steady when youre trying a new cannabis method for the best results. And remember to buy hash online in Canada from a reputable source, so you get top-quality and affordable prices. You can find a long list of trusted options at review sites like Cannabis Ontario or BC Weed Delivery. 

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