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Ounces Under $129 | Budget Buds Canada

What are Budget Buds? Budget buds are just that, cheap weed! Well maybe we shouldn’t say “cheap weed” because these budget buds can taste really nice and pack quite a punch! A more appropriate name would be “great deal on buds” or “value buds” because our prices can't be beat! Cheap weed ounces are specially priced to provide our customers with the maximum savings on their cannabis needs on smaller orders. **Due to the already low price, these products are excluded from any further savings, discounts and the mix and match promos**

Budget Buds Under $129

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Budget Buds Under $129



Budget Buds Under $129



Budget Buds Under $129



Budget Buds Under $129

Super Budget Mystery Weed

Benefits of Buying Budget Buds: The biggest benefit of buying budget buds is that it saves you money. Think about it, you will have your weed, plus be able to buy something else too! Or you could always save that extra money for a rainy day.  In addition, our budget buds offer the same effects that our premium flowers do, only at a much lower price. Some common effects of cannabis include increases in relaxation, happiness, sedation, and overall mood.
Medical Benefits of Budget Buds: Medical marijuana patients use cannabis for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common uses include to help treat anxiety, stress, depression, pain, insomnia, and eating disorders.
Why Buy Budget Buds at Get Kush? The only thing better than weed is cheap weed. Well, free weed is too, but budget buds aren’t too far off.  Buy budget buds at GetKush and save over 50% off our cannabis ounces.    
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