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Cannabis Concentrates Canada

What are Cannabis Concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are just that, concentrated forms of cannabis.  Some of the more popular concentrates include weed waxes such as budder, crumble and shatter.  Others include THC oils, sauces, hash and resins.  At Get Kush, we offer the widest selection of top quality cannabis concentrates in Canada. From Toronto to Vancouver, we provide customers with the best marijuana products online.  For more information on the different types of cannabis concentrate products in stock, or information on weed what weed concentrates and extracts are, then keep on reading!


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Cannabis Concentrates Positive Effects

For experienced users with high tolerances, the biggest benefit is that weed concentrates are very potent with THC commonly ranging between 40-80%.  Relaxation and euphoria are often the most reported effects users experience. 

Cannabis Concentrates Medical Benefits: The many different types of weed concentrate offers a wide range of benefits for medical marijuana patients across Canada.  The most common being to treat anxiety, aches, pains, depression, insomnia, among other things.  

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Butane Honey Oil (BHO)Budder / Badder / BatterCrumble Wax
Distillates & IsolatesHashHoneycomb Wax 
Kief / siftLive ResinResin
Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)RosinShatter Wax
Terp SauceTHC OilTinctures 

Cannabis Concentrates Vs Marijuana Flowers: Concentrates tend to be much more potent than cannabis flowers with up to 4-5 times more THC.  

Cannabis Concentrates Vs Weed Edibles: Though both thought to be on the potent side, cannabis edibles tend to last longer and be more of a sedating body high. 

How to Make Cannabis Concentrates? As we saw earlier, there are many different types of cannabis concentrates. Therefore, it makes sense that there are many different methods to create each one.  From using heat, pressure, alcohol or butane, making cannabis concentrates can be a dangerous thing to do. This is why it is never recommended that you try this at home unless you know what you are doing.

How to take Cannabis Concentrates? Of the many ways, smoking weed concentrates is the most common.  You can dab, vape, or even add it to a joint.  You can also eat concentrates in edibles.

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates? All cannabis concentrate products should be kept in a cool and dark location, and be sealed in an airtight container suitable for holding THC products. Light and air degrade terpenes and accelerate the aging process.

Cannabis Concentrates Side Effects: Due to weed concentrates potent nature, it is recommended to start slow and move your way up.  If taken in excess, you may experience paranoia , dizziness, nausea and anxiety. These effects can commonly be avoided by being responsible with your THC dosage.

Why Buy Cannabis Concentrates at Get Kush? From budder and shatter, to weed edibles and oils, Get Kush has you covered! And if you only want normal cannabis flowers, we have all that too, and more! As the top online weed dispensary in Canada, it's a no brainer to make Get Kush the place where you buy weed online!

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