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High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts | HTFSE Canada

What is HTFSE? Coined by Dr. Daniel Hyden, High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) is a form of cannabis concentrate that contains the full range of beneficial compounds in the plant trichome glands, minus the non beneficial things such as fats and waxes. Oftentimes referred to as terp sauce (or just sauce), HTFSE is more on the liquid side when it comes to cannabis concentrates, making it easier to work with than harder substances like shatter. At Get Kush, we ensure that we carry only top quality HTFSE products in Canada. For more information on HTFSE and its products, read on to the bottom of the page.

HTFSE Positive Effects: The high terpene count make the effects more intense because terpenes react with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to boost their effects. Terpenes are volatile, aromatic compounds that are responsible for the characteristic scent of each weed strain. Not only that, terpenes also come with a range of therapeutic properties and they can influence the effect cannabis has on the user. Depending on the terpene content of your strain, the high might be more stimulating or lean toward sedation; it can either razor-sharpen your senses or impact your short-term memory.  The benefits experienced all depend on whether the HTFSE was derived from a more indica or a more sativa strain, as each induce different sensations. 
HTFSE Medical Benefits: Common uses of HTFSE for medical marijuana patients is for such things as: Stress, depression, anxiety, aches, pain and insomnia.
HTFSE Vs Marijuana Flowers: Terp sauce keeps all of the positive things of cannabis buds, and gets rid of all the bad, making HTFSE a much higher quality and potent product.
HTFSE Vs Other Cannabis Concentrates: Terp sauce retains more terpenes than other cannabis concentrates, making it a more aromatic and flavorful experience. However, the THC levels tend to be lower. This does not mean lower quality, as it just means the THC is less concentrated since there are a lot of terpenes floating around.
HTFSE Vs Weed Edibles: Ingesting weed edibles affects the mind and body differently than inhaling cannabis. Also, the effects of weed edibles tends to last longer and be more intense and unpredictable. 
How to Make HTFSE? Basically terp sauce is made by flash freezing freshly cut cannabis and then putting it through an extraction process.  It is never a good idea to try this at home since it is extremely dangerous. 
How to take HTFSE? Many say the best way to to take HTFSE is by dab. Dabbing provides the smoothest most flavorful smoke. A close second is vaping, as it provides just as smooth of a hit as dabbing does. You can also bong terp sauce or add some into a joint.
How to Store HTFSE? Light and oxygen degrade terpenes, so it is best to keep terp sauce stored in an airtight container that does not react to terpenes, and in a cold and dark location out of the reach of any children.
HTFSE Side Effects: Dry mouth and red eyes are the most common side effects to smoking terp sauce. However, it is possible that paranoia, dizziness and/or nausea can occur in some extreme cases. These effects are generally not serious and will subside with time.  
Why Buy HTFSE at Get Kush? At Get Kush Canada we take pride in ensuring our cannabis products meet high standards that customers deserve. When dealing with terp sauce, our team ensures that quality control is performed at every step, from production, to extraction, to storage and delivery.  Buy weed online at Get Kush and take advantage of our great offers and deals!
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