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Kief / Dry Sift

What is Cannabis Kief and Dry Sift? Kief from marijuana plants is basically the trichomes (aka crystals) that have been removed from the buds. It is basically the stuff that is found at the bottom of a weed grinder and/or at the bottom of the bag. However, new techniques have been created throughout the years to allow for making large quantities of kief much more easy and efficient.


Wizard Weed Kief

Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift Positive Effects For experienced users with high tolerances, the biggest benefit is that kief is very potent with high concentrations of THC.  Relaxation and euphoria are often the most reported effects users experience. 
Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift Medical Benefits: The most common use of kief is to treat anxiety, aches, pains, depression, insomnia, among other things.  
Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift Vs Marijuana Flowers: Dry sift tends to be much more potent than cannabis flowers with up to 3-5 times more THC.  
Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift Vs Weed Edibles: Though both are thought to be on the potent side, cannabis edibles tend to last longer and are normally more of a body typed high. 
How to Make Kief / Dry Sift? Kief is found at the bottom of grinders and bags of weed. However, to make larger quantities from large amounts of cannabis, many people use extremely cold temperatures in order to remove the trichomes from the buds easily. 
How to Take Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift? You can dab, vape, or even add it to a joint. 
How to Store Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift? All cannabis concentrate products should be kept in a cool and dark location, and be sealed in an airtight container suitable for holding THC products. Light and air degrade terpenes and accelerate the aging process.
Cannabis Kief / Dry Sift Side Effects: Due to cannabis kiefs potent nature, it is recommended to start slow and move your way up.  If taken in excess, you may experience paranoia , dizziness, nausea and anxiety. These effects can commonly be avoided by being responsible with your THC dosage. 
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