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Live Resin Canada

What is Live Resin? Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that retains a large majority of its natural terpenes. It is known for being terpene-rich as live resin is processed by freezing freshly harvested marijuana for the extraction process and not decarboxylating it beforehand. The creator of live resin (Kind Bill) once said that it gets its name because “the finished product smells exactly like the living product.” At Get Kush, we sell high-quality terpene-rich extracts, including both pure live resin and a mix of live resin with 30% clear distillate to ensure an adequate balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. Choose your batch of live resin and enjoy a delectable experience for your taste buds.


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Live Resin Positive Effects: Since live resin retains its terpenes, the effects on users may vary.  This is due to terpenes being able to react with the THC and CBD to induce a heightened psychoactive experience.  So whatever benefits the buds that were used to make the live resin possess, the live resin will provide as well, but in a more intense way due to the higher THC concentrations.
Live Resin Medical Benefits: Live resin is favorite for many medical marijuana patients because of its terpene-rich properties and how they work to intensify the positive effects of cannabinoids. Therefore, it depends what cannabis strains were used to determine what effects are to be expected. Commonly people take live resin to alleviate stress, aches and pains. However, there is a variety of conditions live resin can treat.
Live Resin Vs Marijuana Flowers: Live resin has all the benefits of cannabis buds, but just in a more concentrated form. 
Live Resin Vs Other Cannabis Concentrates: The main advantage of live resin over other cannabis concentrates is that live resin retains more of its terpenes resulting in more aromas and flavors.  On top of that, live resin tends to be just as potent in THC.
Live Resin Vs Weed Edibles: This battle basically boils down to smoking cannabis or eating weed. The effects are different as ingesting cannabis reacts with systems differently, often resulting in more of a narcotic, sedative and couchlocking experience when eating weed edibles
How to Make Live Resin? Since making cannabis concentrates is extremely dangerous, it is recommended to be left to the professionals who have the right equipment and proper training.  Live resin is made the same way as BHO, except freshly cut buds are flash frozen so that the marijuana plants terpenes can be preserved.  These frozen buds are then packed tightly into a container and blasted with butane. The butane separates the trichomes and cannabinoids from the plant matter, and then low heat is added to evaporate away the solvent, leaving live resin as the final product.
How to take Live Resin? The most common method is taking live resin by dab. This method provides the most flavorful, smooth, and intense experience. Another common method is by vaping. Users can also add it to a joint or smoke it in a bong if you can heat the concentrate up enough. 
How to Store Live Resin? Like all cannabis products, it’s best to store live resin in a cool and dark place and try to keep as much air out as possible, as light and air degrade cannabinoids and terpenes throughout time. Also, it is best to keep your stash out of the reach of children and pets, as it can be very harmful to them.
Live Resin Side Effects: Being very potent, it is possible for users to experience dizziness, nausea, paranoia, dry mouth and dry eyes.  However, side effects are normally minor and short lived. Just make sure to be responsible when indulging in this flavorful treat. 
Why Buy Live Resin at Get Kush? At Get Kush, we sell high-quality terpene-rich extracts at affordable prices. We hand pick and thoroughly test our live resin products to ensure they have the perfect balance of cannabinoids and terpenes. Being the best online dispensary in Canada, we carry the widest selection of cannabis products, so buy weed online at Get Kush!  
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