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Cannabis Tinctures

What are Cannabis Tinctures? Cannabis tinctures is a popular form of weed concentrate. Basically, it is alcohol based oils that are extracted from the buds for users to take sublingually. The two main ingredients of cannabis tinctures are THC and CBD. Cannabis tinctures allow you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without having to inhale the smoke or vapor from the flowers themselves. These products are full-spectrum cannabis extracts with different THC/CBD ratios to match the needs of our customers. The cannabis extract is then contained in a carrier oil to increase the bioavailability of THC and CBD.

Cannabis Tinctures Positive Effects: The effects of cannabis tinctures depends on how it is consumed and what kind of oil it is. For example, THC tinctures will have completely different effects that CBD tinctures.  If the desired effect is the intoxicating high that cannabis is known for, then THC tinctures would be the choice, as CBD tinctures lack the psychoactive properties that THC provides.
Cannabis Tinctures Medical Benefits: Same with the positive benefits, it depends what tincture and method of consumption.  However, some of the more common uses for cannabis tinctures are to treat: Digestive issues, chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms 
Cannabis Tinctures Vs Marijuana Flowers:  Cannabis tinctures are typically meant for ingestion and are not meant to be inhaled in the lungs.  Cannabis tinctures typically have a higher THC level than normal marijuana buds and are therefore more potent. However this is not always the case as THC levels could be lower if mixed with other diluents. 
Cannabis Tinctures Vs Other Cannabis Concentrates: Normally other cannabis concentrates have higher concentrations of THC, but it can vary as there are many variables that come into play. 
Cannabis Tinctures Vs Weed Edibles: Cannabis tinctures and weed edibles can have a lot in common if both ingested and at similar THC levels.  
How to Make Cannabis Tinctures? There are many different methods of cannabis oil extraction.  They usually are a variation of using butane, heat, and pressure to turn buds into oils. As with all marijuana extracts and concentrates, it is not recommended to do at home, and is best left for the professionals.
How to take Cannabis Tinctures? It's recommended you start slow as effects can take longer to take effect when ingesting THC. The most common way to consume cannabis tinctures is taking it orally.
How to Store Cannabis Tinctures? Cannabis tinctures should be stored in a dark and cool place in an airtight container. Doing this will ensure the cannabinoids will last their longest as light and oxygen can degrade terpenes as well as excellerate the spoilage process. 
Cannabis Tincture Side Effects As with most cannabis products, dry mouth and dry eyes are very common, so staying well hydrated will help to minimize the effects.  Also, make sure you take cannabis oil in moderation, as excess doses could possibly lead to paranoia , nausea, dizziness and anxiety. 
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