Strain Review: Black Diamond

Strain Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid strain which can soothe you yet make you more social at the same time. It crosses two popular strains- the indica Diamond OG and the hybrid Blackberry. Although it leans more towards indica effects, it does provide a nice mentally stimulating burst which can make you more happy, giggly, and social.

It’s a popular strain for various reasons. Its effects are both enjoyable for recreational users and deeply therapeutic for medical users. It also has a rich, berry taste which makes it a treat to smoke or vape. So what are the effects like, what benefits can you get from it, and where can you buy Black Diamond? Here’s our Black Diamond strain review.

Black Diamond Strain Effects

Black Diamond is predominantly indica. However, as it gets some of its genetics from the hybrid strain Blackberry, it does also have some sativa effects. It’s a favorite strain for many as it can provide physical and mental relaxation without putting you in too much of a sedative funk. In fact, it can actually work great as a social strain.

When you smoke Black Diamond, you’ll quickly feel a powerful wave of euphoria wash over you. It relaxes the mind and makes you much more worry-free. It’ll also give you a nice, soothing, tingly body high which will help you mellow out physically. As such, users who want something to chill out with will enjoy this strain very much.

But despite its indica qualities, it can also be quite uplifting. It’ll stimulate your mood and your senses, making you much more social and giggly. It’s easy to enjoy the company of friends and take in all kinds of activities, be that watching TV, listening to music or something else.

Unlike some high indica strains, Black Diamond isn’t too overwhelming. You can relish in the relaxing and euphoric body and head high without feeling too sedated. As time goes on, relaxation will wear in more and you might start to feel more sleepy. You can also expect to get the munchies.

Black Diamond Medical Benefits

Black Diamond Medical Benefits

Black Diamond’s effects are also well-suited to many medical users. It provides a nice body and head high which can come in handy for all kinds of symptoms and illnesses. Only a little is needed to get its therapeutic effects, making it very popular for those who like to medicate with marijuana.

It’s known especially for pain relief and stress relief. The relaxing wave it gives your body and mind can wash away all kinds of physical and mental tension fast. In addition to relieving chronic pain, it can also help with things like nagging headaches and migraines. Those who regularly deal with stress will also love the effects.

Meanwhile, its effects on the mind are also very useful. It’s a fairly solid strain for counteracting depression, especially as it’ll lift you up and make you more social. It’ll also soothe your mind and wash away negative thoughts, which sufferers of anxiety disorders will find especially therapeutic.

Black Diamond can also help with nausea, loss of appetite, and insomnia. This makes it a very well-rounded medical strain for those who want the more relaxing and soothing effects of cannabis.

Black Diamond Strain Flavor

The aroma and taste of Black Diamond are perfect for lovers of red wine. It takes a little of the flavors of its parent strains Blackberry and Diamond OG. This results in an earthy flavor with hints of berry, similar to the taste of rich red wine.

You can enjoy the taste either by smoking or vaping Black Diamond. Along with the fruity taste, it also gives you nice smooth smoke or vapor that goes down well. As far as smell and taste go, Black Diamond is a fantastic flavorful strain that most weed lovers will enjoy.

Where to Buy Black Diamond

You may find Black Diamond in marijuana stores and dispensaries. There are now many across Canada which offer a range of marijuana strains. However, with many towns and cities still lacking legal marijuana stores, it’s much easier to buy online.

Members of can buy Black Diamond online in various quantities. Buying online is safe, convenient, and you can get delivery to anywhere in Canada. Every order is sent out in airtight, discreet packaging which will keep your contents and your privacy safe.

Black Diamond Strain Alternatives

Black Diamond Strain Alternatives

Black Diamond is a top choice for many marijuana users. However, there are plenty of other great marijuana strains to try out. Whether you want a similar strain or a strain that leans more towards sativa effects, here are some top Black Diamond strain alternatives.

Death Bubba – Death Bubba is another indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing Death Star with Bubba Kush. With THC levels of 25-27% and an indica to sativa ratio of about 70:30 this is an incredibly potent and relaxing strain. It’s ideal for nighttime use due to its sedative effects.

Purple Urkle – Purple Urkle is a strong indica strain with a rich grape and berry taste. This strain will quickly send you into deep relaxation. It’s great for tackling pain and stress, and it can also help you get to sleep at night.

BC Big Bud – BC Big Bud is a hybrid strain that leans more towards sativa, but still has some strong indica effects. It can help with relaxation without being too sedating. It’s also great for energy and mental stimulation. This is a very well-rounded strain for both recreational and medical purposes.


If you need a strain that can help with relaxation, take away pain and stress, and give you soothing indica effects while still keeping you alert and social, Black Diamond is a fantastic choice. It’s a favorite for many thanks to the therapeutic effects and its rich, wine-like taste.

It’s a strain that’s good to use at nighttime, as it’ll mellow you out and get you ready to sleep. However, it’s also useful as a daytime pain-reliever and a good strain to take the edge off and chill. If you like indica strains that aren’t too overpowering, you’ll enjoy Black Diamond.

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