Black Widow Strain Review

Strain Review: Black Widow

The story of how the Black Widow came to be is quite impressive. It all began with the legendary breeder Scott Blakey, a.k.a., Shantibaba. He was a part-owner of the Green House Seeds (GHS), and at that time, people referred to Black Widow as White Widow. Upon leaving GHS, Shantibaba searched for White Widow’s original parents. He found its South Indian indica-dominant hybrid father and the Brazilian sativa mother. He used them to create his famous White Widow seeds. However, GHS was selling the same strain under the White Widow name. Shantibaba then decided to tweak the name, from White Widow to Black Widow.

Shantibaba’s Black Widow is thought to be the only “pure” White Widow because he is the only breeder who possessed the original parental genetics. 

Black Widow Attributes

The Black Widow flower buds are large, green, and orange in colour. The green colour is from the buds, while the dark orange colour is from the pistils coming from the flower’s resins. The weed smells so lovely; it draws you in even before you light up the joint. The smell is woody but fruity, which is so unique and cool. 

The buds seem to have retained some moisture despite being well-dried. Completely dried buds have a harsh, unpleasant smoke and lose their aroma. With Black Widow, the moisture helps to preserve the terpenes. Moist buds also burn slower, allowing you to derive their full effects.
A thick covering of trichomes and resinous coating makes the bugs sparkle like diamonds at every turn. They also appear fluffy but feel very dense when you squeeze them. Cracking the buds open reveals a trove of other resins insider the flower. They may stick to your fingers. All these features are a sign of the originality and richness of the buds. 

Black Widow Attributes

Black Widow Effects

When you light your joint, enjoy the delightful earthy and citrus after-taste on your tongue. You also feel a surge in your spirit, and your mood is uplifted. Most people cannot stop smiling and giggling when high. If you feel downcast or have a lot to think about, enjoy the relief you’d get from Black Widow. It helps you down all the weighty issues and focus on the joys of the moment. 

With a clear mind, some people also say that they become more creative and resourceful. Those in the creative industry like to take some weed while on the job to stimulate their minds to develop ideas, but this strain is not suitable for when you want to be productive. Black Widow is best reserved for evening use so that its effects wear off while you sleep. In the morning, get up with a clear, relaxed mind, and you will be as creative and productive as can be. 

A Sativa-dominant Strain

Black Widow measures up to its extreme name. It shares a name with the deadliest spider in the world. It is highly potent, with a THC concentration of up to 28%. Black Widow is among the strongest and revered cannabis strains in history. This sativa-dominant strain delivers a remarkably hard cerebral hit. You will feel a deep euphoria, relaxation, powerful happiness, and a large appetite. This strain is popular among recreational users because of its physical and cerebral effects that could be psychedelic. 

Depending on the dosage, you may experience some side effects. If you consume too much of it, Black Widow will confine you to the couch for a long time. Indeed, if that was your intention, you will enjoy resting and relaxation. However, if you hope to remain active, this is a bummer. High consumption also causes bloodshot dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, dizziness, and headaches. But, these effects are not common. Experienced users are careful with the dosage because they appreciate this strain’s potency. 

Most people take the Black Widow to relax and get rid of stress and anxiety. It also boosts your appetite. The Indica properties in Black Widow also help ease muscle tension. It becomes easier for you to move your joints and walk around. 

Since Black Widow makes a person sleepy and lazy, it would be best if you took it in the evening. Enjoy its benefits through the night, and wake up energized and fresh, ready to take on the responsibilities of the day. 

Growing Black Widow

Growing Black Widow

Cannabis growers and users who wish to cultivate Black Widow are lucky because this is an easy-to-grow strain. It produces a high yield and is in great demand owing to its high potency. It’s best grown indoors or in a greenhouse outside because rain significantly damages it. Even amateurs would find it easy to maintain this strain. It naturally resists mildew, moulds, and pests that trouble other cannabis strains. 

If you are growing Black Widow indoors, you would have your flowers in only 8 to 10 weeks. By growing it outdoors, you’ll reduce the time it takes to flower. For example, when cultivated outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s say planted in June, the flowers are ready for harvesting by the end of September or early October. You can also cross-breed the Black Widow male seeds with other strains. 

Consumer Review

Weed users who have tried Black Widow have high praises for this strain. 

One consumer said that she felt euphoric, focused, happy, and hungry. She said that the Black Widow was the best weed she ever had. She also found it economical because she only needed a small bit to get very high for many hours. 

A second consumer said that she felt relaxed, focused, happy, and sleepy. She was amazed by how hard it hit and advised beginners not to start their weed journey with this one. Since the effects of Black Widow last long, this user says that she first made sure that all the essential urgent things were handled before delving into this euphoria. She says that after smoking a joint, she could only lay or sit down. The weed addressed the anxiety and stress she had been feeling. She could also sleep better.

A third consumer said that he might have found his forever strain. He says that he took only a small bit and got a positive effect. He adds that although he was hungry, he wasn’t overly hungry. The weed only enhanced his appetite. Still, he advises users to have a bottle of water next to them when smoking Black Widow because the mouth dries.

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