Durban Poison Strain Review

Strain Review: Durban Poison

The Durban Poison has an intimidating name that may prompt you to rethink using it due to its possible potency. True to its name, the Durban Poison is a potent weed strain because of its high THC content. The THC content ranges from 15% to 25%. It is in no way lethal, but expect to be utterly stoned from taking this strain.


This pure sativa strain from South Africa has been a favourite among stoners for many years. It’s named after Durban, the second-largest city in South Africa. Its time-tested resilient genetics make it easy to cultivate. The plant grows up to 12 feet high and can be grown outdoors. It requires a semi-humid climate and temperatures ranging from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cultivate the weed indoors, tame the plant’s height by bending it, then pruning its spindly branches when it gets to the highly vegetative state.

For a sativa, the Durban Poison matures and flowers fast. When cultivated indoors, this strain matures in only eight or nine weeks. It also produces a higher yield than the typical sativas. All these good qualities are courtesy of the Durban Poison’s genetics.

Durban Poison Effects

Durban Poison has a dominant earthy pleasant taste and smell. It gives you a hard high while ensuring that you remain clear-headed. Many users liken Durban Poison to espresso and prefer to use it as a pick-me-up to boost their energy in the morning. They say it makes them feel happy, relaxed, and give up any worries. When the mind relaxes, the individual can have clear creative thoughts.

Weed experts say that Durban Poison is the best strain for making concentrates because of its oversized trichomes. The buds are chunky, round, and have a thick coating of trichomes. Some popular concentrates made using Durban Poison include wax and shatter.

You will derive the best experience using Durban Poison only if you actively go about your day doing chores. With your mind in active mode, get to reading, cleaning, and other activities. The weed provides an uplifting function effect that boosts your mood and improves your socializing ability. You become racy and energetic, but in a controlled way so that you do not appear hyper.

The High Experience

The High Experience

Being one of the most potent strains, the Durban Poison gives you an immediate hard hit. Some people say that their hearing and sight amplifies immediately. The feeling may be scary or disorienting at first. But, give it a minute, and in the right setting, you may begin to experience the favourable effects. Your head becomes buzzy and active. The high effect only affects the head and does not cause you to slack. You will remain high for at least two to three hours only.

Persons working in the creative field particularly enjoy Durban Poison. They consider it their secret creativity nudge. When you want to contemplate the aspects of a piece of art, a movie or some music, some Durban weed will make it easier. The Durban Poison strain also grants you the gift of mindfulness. It helps ward off distractions from anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Persons who cannot concentrate on a particular subject long also find that smoking Durban Poison deepens their focus and concentration. Essentially, this weed is a wake and bake.

Undesirable Effects

Despite its many positive effects, this strain may have some undesirable effects. First, since it gives you a serious cerebral high, this weed may cause you to slip into overdrive. You may feel jittery, anxious, and on edge. You become irritable and cannot stand in the way of achieving a particular goal. Some users say their minds start racing in a way that makes them feel out-of-control and paranoid.

These adverse side effects make using Durban Poison during the day better than smoking it at night. Other weed strains may cause you to feel relaxed and sleepy upon getting into your system. This is not the case for Durban Poison.

Some Reviews From Consumers

Some Reviews From Consumers

A customer revealed that she uses weed, the Durban Poison specifically, to regain her shape after indulging in food during the holidays. She said that first, smoking the buds gives her the energy boost for work and exercising. It gives her the high she needs that she would typically get from food. She says the feeling lasts even after the marijuana has worn off. She also says that she feels more creative and productive in her work, too.

In another review, a consumer wrote that after reading the profile of the Durban Poison, he purchased it and got stoned. He then went about cleaning his house. In the end, he was happy to see that he had not only cleaned his house; he had been more thorough than usual. He cleaned with more vigour and enjoyed himself throughout the process.

In a third review, a customer testified of feeling high right away after he started smoking. He said that he felt the smoke fill his lungs, and the effect immediately hit his head. The result was a jolt of energy and mental relaxation. With that energy, he strapped on his running shoes and took a five-mile run. He also noted that he became more mindful of his running experience, which made it more fun.

Lastly, a customer was pleased by the espresso-like qualities of the Durban Poison. She says that it cuts through the morning fog and causes her to remain clear-headed. The weed gives her energy to seize the day and an emotional euphoria that makes her feel happy. She recommends the Durban Poison to persons jogging, reading, partying, and engaging with smart people. You will have more focus, and ideas will flow freely.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the Durban Poison is one of the most potent and most popular buds. For farmers, Durban Poison is easy to grow and has high yields. For smokers, it gives an energy boost and a clear head. The Durban Poison has a sweet aroma, pleasant flavour, and a strong effect. It possibly is one of the best marijuana strains in the market. Get Kush stocks the Durban Poison and many other cannabis strains.

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