Strain Review: Pink Bubba

Searching for a relaxing and calming high? The type of cannabis strain you choose to smoke can make that goal possible or offer the opposite effects. The makeup of the marijuana flower chosen to smoke will determine the type of high users experience and the effects that will be felt. 

Users who need a relaxing night, help to fall asleep, or even want to experience a psychedelic high should try Pink Bubba. 

Also known as Pink Bubba Kush, this marijuana strain is potent. Discover what makes up this popular bud and what users can expect once you have ingested it. 

The Make-up of Pink Bubba: The Important Stats

The child of two popular Kush strains, Bubba Kush and Pink Kush, Pink Bubba is known for delivering full-body relaxation to its users. 

Pink Bubba is Indica-dominant (80 percent), which is where it gets its body-high and relaxing properties. Because of this, Pink Bubba is a type of marijuana strain that is best used in the evening and at night when users don’t have anywhere else to be and can stay in their homes. 

This type of marijuana is also THC-heavy, boasting THC levels between 19 and 25 percent. But, it also has a higher than average amount of CBD, typically about 2 percent. This balance provides users with a unique and smooth high

Its Appearance (and Smell) May Not Be What Users Expect

When users open up some Pink Bubba flowers, many are surprised to see it is not actually pink. This bud features very green flowers. It is also known for being a very dense marijuana strain. 

Pink Bubba is also covered in trichomes, giving it a beautiful look, even if it is not the colour some users may expect. 

Pink Bubba also offers a unique fragrance that is quite strong, featuring hints of earthy, wood, and even floral scents. Pink Bubba users can expect to taste overtones of wet soil and wood with a pine-flavoured aftertaste when smoking this flower.

The Pink Bubba Experience

Pink Bubba is a slow-burner strain of marijuana. That means it takes a little bit of time before users start to feel its effects. After the first few inhalations of Pink Bubba, plan to wait about 15 minutes to start to feel its calming effects. Knowing it has a slow-burning nature can help you ensure you do not take too much, upping your dosage until you feel effects. Instead, allow plenty of times for Pink Bubba’s effects to kick in. 

After the initial 15 minutes is up, users will start to feel a faint mind buzz. This buzz will slowly intensify before your entire body relaxes. 

After a while, users will begin to experience an almost psychedelic experience, complete with visual and auditory distortions. Some users even report feeling as though time is moving slower than usual. These distortions can make a night of listening to music or even art more enjoyable.

About a full hour after ingesting Pink Bubba, its full effects become apparent. Tingling followed by a relaxed sensation may start in the neck and move throughout the body, all the way into the user’s limbs, leaving users feeling relaxed and drowsy.

Once in the throes of Pink Bubba, users will become sedated, eventually giving over to the bud’s calming and relaxing properties and drifting off into sleep. 

Many users also report getting the munchies after taking Pink Bubba, so have some snacks on hand and within reach before taking it as users likely will not be able to get up to make or retrieve food once Pink Bubba has fully taken effect. 

Effects to Keep in Mind

While Pink Bubba has very few reported adverse effects, there are some effects that users should keep in mind. The top three side effects users of Pink Bubba have reported include:

Pink Bubba users should plan to keep some water and snacks close by before taking Pink Bubba to help temper some of these effects. Eye drops are also helpful and useful to soothe dry eyes if that occurs after taking this type of weed.

While all weed has a unique smoke smell, Pink Bubba is known for having a powerful smoke. This can make it difficult or impossible for users to smoke Pink Bubba discreetly. Its heavy burn and strong smell can also cause some watery eyes and coughing in users who may not be used to smoking it. 

Similar Strains to Consider

Similar Strains to Consider

For those who love Pink Bubba, these strains may be a good option for types of marijuana to try next. 

  1. Lemon Kush Headband. This marijuana strain, like Pink Bubba, is THC-heavy and offers users a similar relaxing experience. As its name may suggest, Lemon Kush Headband has a citrus aroma that many users find pleasant. 
  2. Hawaiian Haze. Unlike Pink Bubba, this cannabis flower is Sativa-dominant, making it a good option for daytime use. It promotes euphoric feelings and has an appealing floral smell. 
  3. Purple Hindu Kush. This is an Indica-dominant strain with high THC amounts as well. Users will find a similar relaxing experience to Pink Bubba, which is why many people use Purple Hindu Kush to help them sleep. 

Pink Bubba: A Summary

Experienced marijuana users will find Pink Bubba offers relaxing and sedating effects. 

Since Pink Bubba is known for being exceptionally strong (both in effects and in the smoke that it puts off), users new to marijuana should proceed carefully. As always, when trying new strains of cannabis buds, start low and go slow. Keep in mind that Pink Bubba does take time to take effect. Allow about 15 minutes to begin to feel the impact, and once you feel it, they will continue to intensify over the next few hours. 

Remember, Pink Bubba is best taken at night as its sedative properties are quite strong. Smoke it when you plan to have a night that can end with you crashing on the couch.

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