Pink Gelato Strain Review

Strain Review: Pink Gelato

Pink Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Pink Gelato is useful for help with relaxation and stress relief. True to its name, its flavours can come across as sweet and fruity: think sherbet, blueberry, and orange. Its aroma is equally as enticing, reminiscent of lavender, citrus, and freshly cut wood. This indica dominant hybrid has a whopping 17% to 20% THC content, offering a very promising high.


Pink Gelato descends from Thin Mints and Sherbet. Thin Mints is a type of the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain, and Sherbet is a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Pink Panties is itself a cross of Burmese Kush and Florida Kush. Girl Scout Cookies is OG Kush bred with Durban Poison. So, Pink Gelato can trace its lineage to OG Kush, Burmese Kush, Florida Kush, and Durban Poison.

Pink Gelato is accurately called a type of Gelato weed. First grown in California, Gelato gets its name from the Italian word for ice cream. Cookie Fam and Sherbinski — the breeders — named it for its sweet aroma and flavour.

Pink Gelato is called pink because of its distinctly bright colour. The breeders selected these plants for their colours. Pink Gelato’s colours range from vibrant purples to subtle orange hues.

Pink Gelato grows quickly and prolifically indoors. It takes about eight to ten weeks to flower and can grow to between 1.2 and 1.8 meters. Being nearly 1:1 indica:sativa, this plant boasts the best of both species. It gets to be tall and bushy. For each square meter, a Pink Gelato plant yields about 20 ounces of weed. It is also relatively easy to grow.

Pink Gelato Effects

Pink Gelato Effects

An indica-dominant hybrid, Pink Gelato still carries the uplifting aspects of a proper sativa, which work in tandem with its indica-like effects to give an incomparable high. It gives you a clear-as-day buzz without leaving you too sedated to hang or adventure. The head-high is due to its Durban Poison ancestry. Durban Poison is a pure sativa — in other words, it is a strain known for keeping you awake.

Pink Gelato inherits its indica characteristics from its various Kush ancestors. Kush strains are typically indicas. The indica effect is a buzzing sensation in the body that builds slowly and settles at a pleasant pace. This euphoric body high combines synergistically with the head high to give you a boost of energy rather than a boggy feeling.

Pink Gelato is useful for feeling relaxed and happy, and it is popular with some medical marijuana users. If you are having company over, playing video games, reading, or taking your dog for a stroll in the park, Pink Gelato will enhance this experience. 

Pink Gelato is the perfect strain for kickstarting your day without making you feel jittery or anxious. It is truly a masterpiece in breeding that combines all of the best aspects of indica and sativa.

Refrain from using Pink Gelato if you use weed before bed. It should make you feel creative and awake, and some people report using it to help with fatigue. Pink Gelato is to be used for light activity and will not help with insomnia. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand if using this strain, as it will dry your mouth out (not to mention, it is always good to stay hydrated, especially when smoking). Have eye drops with you, as well, since Pink Gelato has a propensity to dry your eyes out. All of these adverse effects of Pink Gelato are worth the beautiful high you experience from smoking it.

Pink Gelato Characteristics

As mentioned earlier, Pink Gelato gets its name from its physical characteristics (though you could argue that its name comes from making you feel as happy as pink ice cream). Pink Gelato has a sweet flavour and aroma. Try figuring out its flavour profile for yourself; growers have assigned to its flavours of citrus, berry, wood, and lavender. Eat an orange while smoking or vaping to bring out the best of its flavour profile. Its aromas are similar to its flavours, with a distinct earthy quality. Imagine you are smelling a blueberry still on the branch. In fact, try picking a blueberry branch and smelling it to enhance your high. This strain pairs perfectly with going outdoors and eating fruit.

Pink Gelato has rich shades of green, purple, and orange that create an overall lightness in colour. If you look closely at this flower’s characteristic medium-sized nugs, you will notice a large density of trichomes. Trichomes are the crystalline drops that give the marijuana flower its dusty appearance and contain the THC that makes you feel high.

The high trichome count on Pink Gelato gives it its high point of 20% THC and makes it the perfect plant for creating concentrates and edibles. The trichomes also make it a pleasant sight to behold. Looking at Pink Gelato nugs under a magnifying glass can be a phenomenal visual experience.

Pink Gelato Characteristics

Parting Words

Overall, Pink Gelato comes very highly recommended. Pink Gelato is potent and provides a pleasant buzz. It gives a flavourful and aromatic smoking experience. The high is akin to receiving a massage while drinking a hot cup of coffee on a foggy morning. The flavour is like that of freshly baked blueberry pie. It is easy enough to grow for hobbyists that are just starting, and for farmers that have the experience, this strain can be cultivated to produce top-quality buds. It grows quickly and yields an abundance of flowers. 

Pink Gelato’s trichome heavy flowers produce an incredible experience when smoked or extracted into edible butter, and they are breathtaking to behold. Strains as uniquely awesome as Pink Gelato come around infrequently, and the weed community is always better off for them. If you are looking for an incredibly aromatic bud that will help to make your days memorable, then look no further than Pink Gelato. It is a truly dank strain.

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