Raspberry Cough Strain Review

Strain Review: Raspberry Cough

There are hundreds of marijuana strains available on the market. While the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, it is also beneficial. 

Each strain has its own flavour, look, and even smell. Each marijuana strain also offers users unique and different effects—allowing users to choose a strain that will meet their unique needs, whether for calming their nerves, finding a way to sleep, or improving productivity. 

For marijuana users who enjoy fruity flavours and smells, Raspberry Cough is an excellent marijuana strain to try. 

Although the name may sound a little scary (it does not actually cause users to develop a cough), this strain is known for providing users with soothing effects.

A cross between Cambodian Landrace and ICE strains, dive into what makes Raspberry Cough deliver that smooth, enjoyable high many users expect and enjoy. 

Raspberry Cough Look, Flavour, and Smell

Raspberry Cough nugs are small and round with beautiful green and orange hues, giving them an appealing appearance. 

As its name suggests, Raspberry Cough has a raspberry flavour, but with a twist. Many users note hints of orange in the flavour in addition to its signature raspberry taste. Finally, Raspberry Cough has a nice, sweet raspberry aftertaste users can enjoy as well. 

When opening your Raspberry Cough, expect to be greeted with a sweet yet nutty smell. For those who enjoy fruity tastes and flavours, Raspberry Cough is an appealing marijuana strain option.  

The Makeup of Raspberry Cough Marijuana 

Raspberry Cough is known for providing users with an energizing high. It helps them focus on tasks while also providing a happy, euphoric feeling. 

Many users choose this marijuana strain to help bring them mental focus and clarity. It is good to take before focusing on big tasks or when seeking creative inspiration. 

What makes up Raspberry Cough so that these effects are felt? Take a look. 

  1. Raspberry Cough is a sativa-dominant strain at 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica. That means the leaves on the bud itself are taller and slimmer in appearance. Sativa-dominant marijuana strains are known for increasing energy and creativity, making them ideal for daytime use. 
  2. High THC content. Raspberry Cough has THC amounts, ranging from 20 to 26 percent. THC is the compound found in marijuana that gives users the high feeling. The higher the THC amount (and Raspberry Cough’s range is considered high), the stronger the high users will experience.
  3. Low CBD content. CBD is another compound found in marijuana, but it does not get users high. It is often used to temper the effects of THC. However, Raspberry Cough contains only trace amounts of CBD (1 percent or less on average). The lower CBD content this strain of marijuana contains means users will experience a strong high.

Raspberry Cough Effects

Raspberry Cough Effects

Users often turn to Raspberry Cough for help getting energized, focusing, and more. Because of the effects this sativa-dominant strain offers, users may take it to help with issues such as:

Although it has a high THC content, users report Raspberry Cough allows them to experience a clear-headed high (thanks to its sativa content). It provides users with its relaxing and uplifting effects while still leaving them with the ability to function throughout the rest of the day.

Many people also report feeling a nice, relaxing warming throughout their bodies after taking Raspberry Cough. This warming feeling can complement Raspberry Cough’s relaxing properties. 

Although everyone reacts to marijuana strains differently, Raspberry Cough has relatively few reported adverse side effects. The most commonly reported side effect is dry eyes, so keep a bottle of eye drops close by when enjoying your Raspberry Cough. 

Other reported but uncommon effects include dry mouth and dizziness.

Be sure you know how Raspberry Cough will affect you before you go out after trying Raspberry Cough. 

Raspberry Cough’s Growth Cycle

Raspberry Cough is known for being relatively easy to grow, even for home-growers. This towering plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and can be grown both indoors or outdoors, but it thrives in warmer environments. 

Raspberry Cough typically takes nine to 11 weeks to flower, generally flowering at the end of October. 

Strains to Try Next

Love Raspberry Cough, but looking for something else to try? Consider trying these similar, yet different, marijuana strains

  • Grandfather OG. Unlike Raspberry Cough, Grandfather OG is indica-dominant, making it ideal for night time use. It has a high THC content and a subtle grape flavour as well.
  • Alice in Wonderland. This strain of marijuana is sativa-dominant and has a lower amount of THC than Raspberry Cough (16 percent). 
  • Purple Panty Dropper. Indica-dominant, this strain offers an energizing high and is thought to be an aphrodisiac. It has a beautiful purple colour and is known for being quite strong

Tips for Trying New Strains

Tips for Trying New Strains

Anytime users try a new strain of marijuana, whether that be Raspberry Cough or another kind, it is important to think about how it will impact you. Research what the strain is made out of (including the THC content and what the dominant strain is) to anticipate its effects. Then, plan the day accordingly. 

Remember, it is always better to start low and go slow before upping your dosage when trying new strains and new marijuana products

Raspberry Cough in a Nutshell

Raspberry Cough is an appealing marijuana strain for many users. This popular strain is best for daytime use. It provides users with a sense of clear-headedness and clarity, an improved ability to focus, and feelings of euphoria and happiness. 

As its name suggests, users will find the sweet scent of raspberry with some subtle earthy tones as well. It also offers a raspberry flavour that is appealing to many but shocks users with hints of orange.

Raspberry Cough’s high THC content may not make it the best option for users new to smoking marijuana. Or, users should take it slow when using this bud. 

Marijuana experts, however, will find this powerful bud a delightful ride. 

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