Tom Ford Strain Review

Strain Review: Tom Ford

The name Tom Ford is synonymous with style and class. The designer first made a name for himself at Gucci before launching his own successful brand. But does he know there is a strain of marijuana named after him?

Tom Ford, also sometimes referred to as Tom Ford Pink Kush, is considered a classy cannabis strain. Not only does it look great, but the strain is also known to be one of the most potent marijuana strains. See what you can expect before lighting up. 

The Makeup of Tom Ford

Tom Ford comes from somewhat mysterious origins as both of its parents are not known. Though it is accepted that Pink Kush is one of its parent strains, the strain crossed with Pink Kush to create Tom Ford is not 100 percent certain. However, some growers and marijuana enthusiasts believe Tom Ford’s other parent is Death Bubba, a strain known for its incredibly high THC content.

Tom Ford is an indica-dominant strain. Indica cannabis plants are known for their relaxing properties, providing uses with feelings of relaxation and happiness. Indica plants are also known for their pain-relieving properties and are recommended for nighttime use. Finally, indica strains are known for giving users a full-body high: And on that count, this strain definitely delivers. 

Finally, Tom Ford has an extremely high THC content, coming in anywhere from 23 percent to 25 percent. THC is the compound found in marijuana responsible for giving users the high feeling most often associated with marijuana use. Because of its high THC content, Tom Ford users should anticipate strong effects while using it.

The Look and Smell of Tom Ford 

Tom Ford marijuana is known for its beautiful appearance. Like all indica marijuana plants, Tom Ford has shorter, wider buds. These buds can appear cone-shaped. 

When it comes to colour, Tom Ford is unique. Although its buds may be dark green, they also feature streaks of pink and purple as well as orange hairs. Covered with clear-white crystal trichomes, Tom Ford offers a unique shimmer that is very appealing to the eye. 

When users first open their container of Tom Ford, they will be greeted with a sweet and sour citrus scent complemented by earthiness. When users start to pull the weed apart, hints of honey will start to come through. 

The Tom Ford Pink Kush Experience

The Tom Ford Pink Kush Experience

Tom Ford offers users near-immediate effects. Knowing what you may experience before trying Tom Ford for the first time is a good idea, especially because this cannabis strain is so potent

On the first inhale of Tom Ford, users will start to feel the effects in the head. Thoughts will begin to calm, giving users’ busy minds a break. Some smokers have even reported experiencing psychedelic effects early in their Tom Ford experience. 

The effects of Tom Ford will then start to move throughout the body. Users will start to feel increasingly comfortable and sedated, finding their couch to be their most favourite place. For some users, Tom Ford’s effects will be strong enough that they can slowly drift off to sleep, not just for a short time, but for hours.

The Side Effects of Tom Ford

Although marijuana does not have any severe, significant side effects in general, there are some effects users should be aware of before trying Tom Ford to ensure a pleasurable experience

Because of Tom Ford’s high THC content, users will experience strong sedative effects. Because it can make users sleepy, it is a good idea to use Tom Ford at night and in a comfortable place in your home. 

Like many other types of weed, Tom Ford can also increase people’s appetite, causing what is often referred to as “the munchies.” Be sure to keep a stash of snacks close by to eat as the effects travel through your body or to have when you wake up from your Tom Ford-induced sleep

Finally, the two most commonly reported side effects of Tom Ford are dry mouth and dry eyes. Dry mouth can be remedied by drinking plenty of water. Dry eyes can be helped with the use of eye drops. 

The Side Effects of Tom Ford

Coming Down From a Bad High

Because of its powerful effects, Tom Ford may not be the best option for those new to using marijuana. A milder strain may be a better option when you’re a beginner. 

If users find you have taken too much Tom Ford and need to come down from their high, try these tips:

  • Take CBD products. CBD is often used to counter the effects of THC, so using pure-CBD products such as gummies or edibles can help bring down the high. 
  • Sleep it off. Though Tom Ford will likely help you drift off, a bad high can increase anxiety. Find a quiet place to lie down until you drift off to sleep. 
  • Drink water. While it may be tempting to drink a cup of coffee or tea when trying to temper your high, be sure to avoid caffeine and stick with water to help rehydrate. 
  • Eat something. Since you may already have snacks on hand, be sure to fill your stomach to help bring down your high quickly. 
  • Try peppercorns. Many marijuana users swear by this trick. Try sniffing (but not inhaling) or chewing on a peppercorn to help reduce your high. 

As always, when trying weed for the first time, or trying a new strain, start with a low dose. You can then increase your dose the next time if you feel you can handle more potent effects. 

Tom Ford: A Summary

Marijuana users looking for a potent strain to help them relax or get some much-needed rest may find Tom Ford to be the perfect strain. The indica-dominant strain has a high THC content, providing users with strong high, and full-body effects. 

This visually appealing cannabis strain may have mysterious origins, but it has definitely earned its place as one of the most popular cannabis strains on the market.  

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