Top Edibles 2019

Top Cannabis Edibles of 2019

A lot of users nowadays prefer to consume cannabis in different forms, one of the most popular being edibles. Edibles may take a while to kick in, but they offer the most potent high of any product out there.

Edibles also have the advantage of coming in many forms. Whether you enjoy gummies or chocolate bars, there’s a choice for everyone, and they also come with different levels of THC and CBD. These are all easy to get your hands on by buying online. So what are the best edibles to buy this year? Here are some of the top cannabis edibles of 2019.

Ed & Bills Candies

These Ed & Bills Cannabis Candies are some of the most popular marijuana edibles on the market. These soft chewy sweets will give you a great high with both mentally uplifting and physically relaxing effects.

They come in various flavors, including multiple fruit gummies like cherry, grapefruit, and raspberry. You can also try some mimicking your favorite childhood sweets such as coke bottles, sour patch kids, and peach rings.

Whichever type you prefer, each of these packs come with 200mg of THC. They’re split into 10mg portions. Just one is enough to give you a fun, long-lasting high, but you can always divide them into smaller servings if you prefer a milder experience. Plus, each pack is just $30 so you can always try more than one if you’re spoilt for choice.

Weed Candies

Aura Edibles

As an alternative gummy sweet, these Aura Edibles are made with all-natural ingredients and also full of THC. They come in various different fruit flavors including mango, orange, pineapple, and strawberry. You can also choose either indica or sativa gummies depending on whether you want more of a body or head high.

These come with four candies to a packet, each containing 50mg of THC for a total of 200. Of course, these servings can be a lot for anyone to handle, so you might want to split them up into smaller pieces. You’ll get a powerful high from these that will last for many hours.

One of the benefits of Aura Edibles is each pack is only $20, making them great value for what you get. If you want a natural, tasty, and potent marijuana gummy, these are a great choice.

Those Happy Chocolates Chocolate Bars

If you prefer chocolate bars to candies, then try out one of these THC Chocolate Bars. There’s 225mg to each bar, so you can get high multiple times using just one. They’re split into squares of 15mg of THC, giving you a moderate dose that will give you all the medical and recreational effects you need.

These chocolate bars come in three flavors- chai, mint, and raspberry. Each one costs $39.99 and gives you a great high with an enjoyable taste. If you split these up wisely, they’ll last you a good while.

These Happy Chocolates CBD Chocolate Bar

If you want a purely medical edible without the effects of THC, try one of these CBD Chocolate Bars. They’re made by the same brand so you can expect the same great quality and taste. The difference is these won’t get you high.

CBD edibles offer an easy and fun way to get the medical effects of cannabidiol. That includes pain relief, reduced stress and anxiety, relief for headaches and nausea, and a lot of other minor effects that’ll help your overall health.

Each bar contains 150mg of potent CBD with 10mg per square. Different dosages can help with different symptoms, so you can split these up accordingly and get the effects you need. These also cost $39.99 per bar.

Cannabis Chocolates

Ed & Bills Rice Crispy Squares

If you’re a fan of Rice Crispy Squares, these can make them even more fun. These Ed & Bills Rice Crispy Squares have 100mg of THC, but you can split them up however you want to lower your dosage.

You’ll get a tasty treat with strong effects. Whether you’re looking for powerful pain relief, a stress killer or something to help you sleep, these treats will help.

You can also try the Ed & Bills Rainbow Rice Crispy Square if you want something a little less plain. This has the same amount of THC and at just $12.50, this is a cheap and cheerful cannabis treat anyone will love.

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bombs

These cannabis jelly bombs come in various forms and flavors. For instance, Twisted Extracts Apple Jelly Bombs give you potent sativa effects, offering mental stimulation and increased creativity.

You can also try their indica jelly bombs, such as the Cherry ZZZ Bomb. These will give you more of a relaxing high, great for taking out pain and stress. You can also try these jelly bombs in other fruit flavors.

Each pack comes with 80mg of THC, split into eight servings of 10mg. This makes it easy to get the dose you need and enjoy the effects for a long time.

Alternatively, for a purely medical kick, you can also use the Twisted Extracts CBD Bombs. These also come in multiple flavors such as peach and pineapple. If you’re looking for pure medical effects with no high, these make for a perfect choice.

Twisted Extracts CBD Cara-Melts

These Twisted Extracts CBD Cara-Melts are another tasty alternative to the regular gummy sweets. These come in various varieties depending on whether you’re looking for THC, CBD, indica or sativa. You can try them in either pure THC, pure CBD or a mix of both.

The THC caramels will give you a nice long high whereas the CBD sweets are great for their medical effects. The THC/CBD cara-melts are also useful for those who want strong medical effects but also enjoy the recreational effects of THC.

Each pack comes with eight 10mg sweets so you can ration these out and enjoy them multiple times. They also cost just $15 each.

Weed Caramels


No matter what kind of cannabis treats you’re looking for, these are some of the top cannabis edibles of 2019. Some are better for recreational use while some are better for medical users. You can also choose between indica or sativa edibles depending on the kind of high you’re looking for. If you want to check out more options, there are plenty of other cannabis edibles available to buy now in our online shop.

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