What are Marijuana Moon Rocks

What are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Want to get extremely high by combining three different marijuana products in one? Marijuana Moon Rocks are perfect for you. These high-powered concentrates are made by dipping buds of weed in hash oil before coating them with kief. The effects are incredibly potent and you can use Moon Rocks in many ways.

Moon Rocks aren’t quite as popular as other cannabis concentrates and you might have a hard time finding them in cannabis stores. However, they are available online and, best of all, they’re easy to make right at home. As long as you have the right products, you can craft Moon Rocks within minutes. Here’s everything you need to know about Moon Rocks.

What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

As time goes on, more unique marijuana products continue to crop up and Marijuana Moon Rocks are a perfect example. Often referred to simply as Moon Rocks, these are a type of cannabis concentrate with extremely strong effects. However, while most concentrates are made by extracting THC from marijuana, Moon Rocks are made by combining three different products.

Three things go into making Marijuana Moon Rocks- cannabis flower, cannabis concentrates (usually Wax or Hash Oil), and kief. While some users might prefer to buy professionally-prepared Moon Rocks, they’re easy enough to make at home and the process doesn’t take long.

You might enjoy Moon Rocks if you’re looking for intense psychoactive effects. They’re much stronger than simply smoking weed and, since you can combine three different strains in one, they can give you a seriously unique and enjoyable high. You can roll them in a joint, use them in a bong or even vape them.

What You Need To Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

What You Need To Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

Making Marijuana Moon Rocks is simple enough that anybody can do it, and it won’t take too long either. With that said, you’ll need to have a few things on hand. First of all, you’ll need some cannabis flower. Usually, Moon Rocks are made using the popular Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). However, you can use any strain you like.

Secondly, you’ll need some sticky cannabis concentrates for coating your buds. The best approach is to use THC Honey Oil or Hash Oil, but concentrates such as Wax and Rosin can also work well. You can even use Shatter, although you’ll need to heat it until it becomes sticky and pliable.

You’ll also need a fair amount of Kief. Kief is a kind of cannabis concentrate that comes from the dried trichomes of marijuana buds. There are various ways to collect Kief- some users simply grind their weed until enough Kief collects at the bottom of their grinder. You can also use a silkscreen or Pollen Box to sift Kief.

You can customize your Moon Rocks however you like. For instance, you might want to use an indica strain of weed, coat it with Honey Oil, and sprinkle it with a sativa strain of Kief. Experiment with products you enjoy and see how it turns out.

How To Make Marijuana Moon Rocks

If you have your weed, cannabis concentrate such as Honey Oil or Wax, and a stash of Kief, then you’re ready to make some potent marijuana Moon Rocks. Start by breaking off a bud of your chosen strain of weed. It’s better to use dense buds for making Moon Rocks, so don’t grind your weed before you use it.

Coat your buds using your chosen cannabis concentrate. Honey Oil or Hash Oil work particularly well for this due to their soft, sticky nature. However, other concentrates with similar consistencies can also work well. The best way to do this is to use a liquid dropper to slowly coat your entire buds.

Once your buds are coated with sticky cannabis wax or oil, simply roll them in your stash of kief until they’re fully covered. You might want to use tongs for this so you don’t ruin your Moon Rocks with your fingers. Once you’ve combined all three products, your marijuana Moon Rocks are ready to enjoy.

How To Use Marijuana Moon Rocks

How To Use Marijuana Moon Rocks

You can use Moon Rocks in various ways, including mixing them into a joint, using them in a bong or even vaping them. With that said, there are a few differences between using Moon Rocks and using weed.

Before you use your Moon Rocks, it’s best to cut them into small pieces using a knife. Trying to grind Moon Rocks with a grinder will result in the oil sticking to your grinder and your product being ruined.

Once you have your small chunks of Moon Rocks, using them is fairly easy. If you have a compatible vaporizer, add a small amount to the chamber and enjoy the potent vapor it provides. You can also mix them with weed in a joint or add them to a bowl.

Where To Buy Moon Rocks

Although making Moon Rocks at home is a fun project to try out, you might simply want to buy readymade Moon Rocks. They’re not found in stores as often as more popular concentrates like Hash and Shatter, but you can order high-quality Moon Rocks online for delivery.

You can buy Moon Rocks online right here at GetKush.io. Each of these containers contains 2 grams of potent marijuana Moon Rocks, and since you only need a small amount for powerful effects, you’ll get plenty of use out of them. Various options are available, including Strawberry, Vanilla Sundae, Watermelon, Caramel, Blueberry, and more.

If Moon Rocks aren’t your thing, you can also check out various other cannabis concentrates. For instance, you might want to try Shatter, Budder, Hash or even High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts. All of these products are available for safe, discreet delivery across the country.


Marijuana Moon Rocks are a powerful marijuana product made by combining three marijuana products in one. You can smoke or vape Moon Rocks if you want a unique high that combines different strains and gives you incredible effects. If you don’t want to make them yourself, you can find Moon Rocks online along with a range of other marijuana products at GetKush.io.

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