What Does Weed Feel Like

What Does Taking Weed Feel Like?

Ah, the question that has left everyone’s lips at one time or another. Wide-eyed and new to the world of weed, it was hard to know what it would feel like to be high without experiencing it. And once you’ve experienced it…well, it’s still a little tricky to explain. But we’ll do our best to answer the question: what does taking weed feel like? 

Puff, the Magic Dragon

Among the cult of weed enthusiasts, there are levels of enthusiasm. And the most enthusiastic among them are fond of speaking of the marijuana plant in reverent, almost magical terms. So what does marijuana do to you? According to them, it makes magic.

What happens when you smoke weed? Perhaps the simplest way to describe the effect of weed is that it takes you on a journey. Without having to travel anywhere physically, weed lets you take your mind to a different place. Like all journeys, it’s even better when shared with friends and loved ones. So what does it feel like to be high on weed? As with all journeys, you won’t know until you get to your destination. 

To be sure, the effect of consuming marijuana flowers can significantly differ from person to person. In addition, the intensity of the high can vary – this will also be a function of a person’s experience and tolerance level and the triggered feelings (happy, mellow, neurotic, etc.)  Part of the fun is figuring out for yourself where you fall on the spectrum and learning what weed feels like for you. 

What does marijuana do to you? The answer depends on a number of different factors. 

  • The Family Tree of the Strain

Experts estimate there are currently over 700 existing strains of cannabis. The strains often have colourful names like Bob Saget OG, Purple Urkle, and Barack O Bubba. It’s almost as if they were high when they came up with those.

If you’re looking for a convenient starting point, you may want to start by sampling strains from the three major categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Each is associated with its own effects, and understanding the differences can be helpful as you sample the different strains within each. 

  • The Goldilocks Corollary

The amount of each dose has a direct effect on how it will make you feel. So beginners should mind dosage very carefully – if you’re just starting out, a minimal amount might be enough to do the trick.

What does cannabis do to you when you take too much? You probably don’t want to find out. But, as with any substance, err on the side of caution and don’t ever take more than you can handle. Otherwise, the journey will be a long and almost undoubtedly unsatisfying one. 

  • Packing A Punch

Check the labels. We may have had to rely on a dealer’s word or trial and error in the old days. Thankfully, products now come with clear and detailed ingredient lists. But, for most people, the amount of THC will be the determining factor. 

If you’re trying an unfamiliar product, checking the THC content is an excellent way to start.  

  • Different Ways To Get There

Think of the method of consumption as the form of transportation you’ve chosen for your journey.  As we’ve discussed above, some may get you there faster, and some may give you a more intense ride. 

Edibles may be akin to taking a relaxing car ride down a country road. In comparison, smoking a joint may be like taking the same street in a sports car, while vaping is like turning on the turbo boosts. And if you’re taking CBD sublingual tinctures, prepare for blastoff.

  • Don’t Drink And Get High

What does it feel like to be high on weed and drunk at the same time? You’d probably be disappointed to know the answer. 

If your goal is to be safe and have a good time, we advise against mixing alcohol and weed. Mixing both substances can lead to unpleasant effects. 

The Feelings You Get From Weed

What does cannabis do to you?” Of course, you can’t answer the question without talking about feelings. Here are the most common ones that people experience when they get high. 

    • Relaxation: This one is pretty universal. We could all use a soft landing now and then. That feeling of pure relaxation, where your cares seem to melt away: that’s what happens when you smoke weed, and that’s what we all love. 
    • Euphoria:  Who doesn’t want to be happy? A lot of users chase the feeling of being on top of the world. What does weed feel like when you’re on cloud nine? 
    • Laughter:  Everything seems funnier when you’re high. The scientific basis for this is unclear. The Word is that some scientists set out to find what cannabis does to your sense of humour, but they’ve yet to move past the research phase.  
    • Creativity: Artists love to get high for a reason. Whether you’re making music, painting a picture, or writing a book (What Does Weed Feel Like: A Deep dive), there is something about weed that gets those creative juices flowing. 
    • Hunger: It’s not a matter of if, but when, the munchies strike. Have some snacks ready before you get high. And have that pizza delivery number handy. 
  • Hypersensitivity: Yes, some swear that their sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch become stronger and will adamantly claim that that’s what happens when you smoke weed. Don’t put them to the test…just go with it. 

The Bad Side of Weed

We would be remiss if we did not include some of the adverse side effects

  •         High blood pressure
  •         Panic
  •         Psychosis
  •         Confusion
  •         Paranoia
  •         Anxiety
  •         Fast heartbeat

We’ll refer to our previous statement that consuming weed should not be considered 100% safe. If any of the above is happening to you, lower your dosage or pause altogether. If they persist, you may want to consider other hobbies. 

In Conclusion On What Weed Feels Like

A lot of different variables contribute to what a user will feel when taking weed. The potency of the product, your physical make up, and method of consumption all play a role. Also, the quality of the cannabis flowers plays a pivotal role in providing ideal effects. This is why it is important to buy cannabis online from a trusted source such as Get Kush. Visit our shop now and find the best deals on some of your favourite marijuana strains.

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