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What is The Best Cannabis Candy?

Some people might think of brownies or cookies when they think marijuana edibles, but if you want to really enjoy your THC and feel like a kid again, cannabis candy is always a great option. It’s easy to control your dosage with small gummies and candies, and you’ll still get a satisfying, extended high just from one or two.

While your doctor and dentist might tell you to lay off the sweets, cannabis candies are full of all the health benefits of THC and CBD. That means just eating one of these can improve your mental health, digestive health, protect your brain, and even reduce pain and anxiety. All in all, it’s a convenient and enjoyable way to enjoy the perks of marijuana.

So what is the best cannabis candy? Let’s weigh up the options.

Ed & Bills Cherry Coke Bottles

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If you love the taste of cherry coke and the effects of marijuana, this product has everything you need. These sugary gummies have 10mg of THC each, which is enough to give any beginner a fun and enjoyable high. Want to up your dosage? There’s a whole 20 per pack, so you can easily get 20-30mg if you’re a more experienced user.

But as much as they taste good, make sure you don’t go too overboard. They’re made with distillate so expect the effects of concentrated THC to hit you hard. If you want to try these cannabis candies, you can buy Ed & Bills Cherry Coke Bottles online for $29.99 a pack. If you prefer regular coke, then you can also buy Ed & Bills Coke Bottles.

Ed & Bills Fuzzy Peachespasted image 0 16

If you like fruit candies, these are a great option. These candies will give you the enjoyable taste of peach along with plenty of THC packed in. With 20 candies to a pack at 10mg each, you’ll get a whole 200mg in one packet.

These are enough to last you for a while. You can take one or two at a time or even split them up and use them to microdose. Whichever way, you’ll get soothing, mellowing effects as well as a fun cerebral high. Buy Ed & Bills Fuzzy Peaches here.

Faded Ediblespasted image 0 13

Faded Edibles come with 150mg to a pack, but every candy within has 18.75mg of THC each! That means just one of these is enough to give the potent high edible users long for. You can also split them into smaller pieces if you prefer to microdose.

These cannabis candies come in various flavors. From Berry Blue Raspberries to Sour Gummy Bears, all your favorite treats are covered. They look good, taste good, and feel good. At just $16 per pack, it’s hard to go wrong. Buy Faded Edibles here.

Tetra Bites (Indica)pasted image 0 12

These Tetra Bites give you the potent effects of indica cannabis. That means you’ll feel mellow, relaxed, and free of any pain and stress. All of that in one tasty treat is enough to please any marijuana user.

It’s only a small pack with 4 candies of 10mg each. However, this is a good choice for beginner users who want to try out the effects of marijuana edibles without taking too much. Plus, at just $16 a pack, you can always buy more. Buy Tetra Bites (Indica) here.

Twisted Extracts Apple Jelly Bomb (Sativa)

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If you want something that’s simple, tasty, and bound to give you a burst of energy, try the Twisted Extracts Apple Jelly Bombs. There’s 80mg of THC to a pack, divided into 8 10mg jellies. These candies give you the effects of sativa cannabis, so you’ll feel mentally stimulated and creative- ideal for daytime use.

The packs are only $12.50, but one is enough to last you a few sessions if you use wisely. You can buy Twisted Extract Apple Jelly Bomb online. These also come in different flavors such as Cherry Jelly Bomb and Mango Jelly Bomb.

Twisted Extracts Raspberry ZZZ Bomb (Indica)pasted image 0 14

On the opposite end of the spectrum, these indica jellies will give you nice, relaxing, sedative effects. They’re great for those trying to cure insomnia or treat things like pain, stress, and anxiety.

Once again, there’s 8 to a $12.50 pack with 10mg each, so a total of 80mg. You can buy Twisted Extracts Raspberry ZZZ Bomb here.

Twisted Extracts CBD Cara-Melts

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If you’re looking for something a little different, these yummy caramel candies are perfect for medical use. These use CBD instead of THC, so instead of getting high, you’ll get purely medical benefits from eating these. That includes the relief of pain, inflammation, muscle aches, migraines, and anxiety.

There’s only 70mg of CBD to a pack, but you don’t need too much to get the great medical benefits of cannabidiol. Packs are cheap at just $13 so you can always get a couple if you need to. You can buy Twisted Extracts CBD Cara-Melts online.

Ed & Bills Watermelonspasted image 0 17

Ed & Bills Watermelons are one of the most popular and most potent marijuana edibles. Each fruity candy will make you feel giggly, euphoric, and mentally and physically soothed. Plus, you get a whole 200mg of THC to a $29.99 pack, split into 20 gummies of 10mg each.

Whether you want to relieve pain, boost your mood or simply get high, these are a solid choice. You can buy Ed & BIlls Watermelons here.


So what is the best cannabis candy? Realistically, all of these are a good choice. Not to mention there are plenty of other choices, from jellies to sour sweets, there’s something for everyone to enjoy marijuana at its edible best. If you want to try some out, simply buy marijuana edibles online and you can start enjoying the wide range of beneficial effects.

First-time users should be warned- marijuana edibles are much more potent than smoking weed or even concentrates. It’s best to stick to a small dosage of no more than 10mg to start with and only increase it when you’re comfortable. Also, bear in mind that edibles can take 30-120 minutes to kick in, so don’t up your dosage while waiting for the effects!

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