What to Know Before Buying the Proper Disposable Vape Pens

What to Know Before Buying the Proper Disposable Vape Pens

Today, you don’t have to engulf yourself and others around you in a cloud of cannabis smoke to get high. Traditionally, one would have to light a joint to smoke weed. Research indicates that burning cannabis pushes tar and a host of carcinogens created as the weed is burning down to your lungs. The bong was created to clean the weed smoke by passing it through the water. 

Vaping is now the more convenient way to skip the smoke and carcinogens part. Without compromising the stoning effect, or the time it takes to get high, you could inhale cannabis vapour. The vaporizers used are also portable, discreet, and easy to use. You only need to stick a vape pen in your pocket and get a puff any time during the day. You will also be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is easier to learn how to vape than smoke. 

Why Vaping?

There are numerous ways to take in marijuana, but of late, people are leaning more towards using vape pens. The pens are increasing in popularity because of the convenience and the effects the vape delivers. Today, many cannabis users will prefer to vape rather than smoke. Also, the sensitization of smoking’s harmful effects like introducing tar and carcinogens in the lungs has made people wary of smoking.  Some marijuana strains may also contain harmful toxins that pose a threat to the central nervous system. The solution is to stop smoking weed entirely or to find an alternative. 

If letting go of weed is not an option, the solution is to find an alternative. A vape pen brings all the qualities of cannabis smoke without adverse effects. You enjoy a quick hit, an excellent taste, and the sweet cannabis aroma. A vape pen is also convenient and can be used anywhere, at any time.  Many smokers who have since turned into vapers attest to the positivity that the transition has brought them. 

How a Vape Pen Works

How a Vape Pen Works

Learning how a vape pen works demands an understanding of what vaping is. Vaping is a method of subjecting marijuana flower buds or extracts to a high temperature that causes them to vaporize instead of burning. 

Now, you cannot insert marijuana buds in a vape pen. It solely uses a vape pen that looks like a pen or an e-cigarette but much smaller. An internal battery powers a vape pen. The pen also has a heating element, an atomizer, a pre-filled tank, and a cartridge. The pen is not rechargeable or refillable, and once you are done using it, you should dispose of it. 

Disposable vape pens are of two types, the draw-activated and the push-button pens. 

  • Draw Activated: Just as the name suggests, this type works when you take a puff. It does not have any button you can use to turn it off or on. Drawing your breath activates the process and triggers the element to start heating. This automated type of pen is the most comfortable to use, but it offers less functionality compared to the push-button pens. 
  • Push-Button: This type of disposable pen requires that you push a button to use it. Some pens have a functionality that allows you to adjust the voltage output. For example, if you want a high dose, you may press the button five times, while a medium dose may require pressing three times in a row. 

The pen will also have a light that will indicate to you when the dose is complete. Once the tank is empty, dispose of the pen and get a new one. 

Because of the ease to use, convenience, reliability, and simplicity, disposable vape pens are popular among canna-tourists and newbies. They are also low-cost yet offer the same utility as other complicated vaping devices. Persons who are not willing to invest in more expensive vaping options for now also prefer vape pens. What’s more, the pen does not need cleaning, recharging, or any other maintenance procedures. 

The only drawback the vape pen has is that it is not reusable, not even the battery. Throwing the pen away does not mean well for the environment. The problem may be resolved because some producers have initiated recycling programs. Customers are asked to take back the used pens to the dispensaries from which they purchased. If you are worried about the possibility of polluting the environment with your vape pen, opt to buy your pen from a company that has a recycling program. However, with most people purchasing their weed supplies from online dispensaries, this solution may not work. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Vape Pen

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Vape Pen

The cannabis market has vape pens from different producers and of different flavours. With each type claiming to be the best, making a choice can be difficult, especially for a newbie. But here are some factors to guide you:

Size: Universally, vape pens come in a convenient shape and size. You can handle one quickly and can carry it anywhere. A standard size pen fits in your hand comfortably, just like a cigarette. Imagine the size of a normal biro pen, now assume a shorter but wider pen. Most people are comfortable with this standard size. However, if you are looking for something more convenient and discrete, you may find even smaller ones. Some are very small, slim, and easy to conceal. 

Type of extract: The quality of the vape oil matters. The shelves are flowing with a variety of vape oils designed to produce distinct effects.  Therefore, you must examine the product description or label to determine what the vape pen oil formulation is before purchasing. Most often, vape pens are distinguished as being either indica or sativa, and THC or CBD. Understand the effects that each type has on the body, particularly the THC and CBD distinction.  A vape pen with a high THC concentration has psychoactive effects and is popularly used for recreation. A vape pen with high CBD content causes relaxation and has no psychoactive components. 

Functionality: Each pen comes with various abilities and utilities. Your choice depends on the functionality that is of most importance to you. For example, some pens have buttons you can use to control dosage, while others have a digital screen from which you can get the dosage details. Other pens automatically heat up when you puff, while for others, you must initiate the heating. Most often, the costs match the functionality. Therefore, if you want advanced functions, you must pay extra. Otherwise, a low-cost pen may work just fine. 

The number of hits the pen has: If the vape pen does not indicate the vaping wattage, the seller will most often indicate the number of hits to expect with the pen. A good vape pen should have no less than 100 hits. 

Quality: Like other things in life, quality matters, so when choosing a vape pen, opt for the better-quality ones. Good quality will often have a nice flavour, a battery that lasts longer, and will be more consistent in taste. Choose a brand that gives you quality strain consistently

Battery life: Next to quality, battery life is a significant influencer of your vaping experience. The length of time the battery lasts will depend on the number of times you use the pen. But a standard fully charged battery should support up to 300 puffs. 

Design of the pen: The pen’s build design influences your vaping experience because it affects your mindset. If you find the pen design fancy and exciting, you will likely have a good mood when vaping. If the design puts you off, you might quit vaping altogether. These days, there are pens of all shapes, colours and designs. Choose the one that is attractive and suits your personality best. 

Type of heating element:  The element determines the kind of heating, which affects the flavour of the vapour. The element is often in the shape of a coil and could be made of ceramic, wick, or quartz. Of these three, the ceramic coil is the best because it does not directly heat the cannabis, which prevents a burnt taste. Hence, better flavour. 

Once you have picked the ideal pen, ensure that you test the pen before leaving the shop if you bought it in a physical store. Testing ensures that you do not run into problems later. If the pen is not working well, the seller will issue another one. 

Another tip is to inquire about the best vape pens available. Ask an experienced vaper to help you select one suitable for a beginner. People make many mistakes before finding the right vape pen type, and asking an experienced person could save you lots of time and wasted money. 

Using a Vape Pen

Using a Vape Pen

Using a vape pen is easy. There are also many ways to do it. However, it’s best to stick to this one approach to get used to the practice more comfortable as a first-timer. 

  • First, remove the vape pen from its packaging. Check the pen for any buttons, and if there is, press it. The indicator light turns on. 
  • If the pen does not have a button, inhale the air through the mouthpiece. 
  • Immediately, the indicator light turns on, and the vape begins to heat up, producing vapour. 
  • Keep inhaling to take in all the vapour. 

As a first-timer, avoid overindulging in the vape. Only inhale a small dose, and wait to feel its effects. Keeping to a minimum also helps you discover your tolerance limits, saving you from overdosing.  

Cleaning Your Vape Pen

Your vape pen will demand some maintenance cleaning. Do it, but ensure it cools down first. When cleaning the mouthpiece, get a Q-tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Carefully rub and clean the mouthpiece until the entire black residue is gone. 

When cleaning the atomizer, soak it in a bottle of rubbing alcohol overnight. After a thorough soak, put it under running water and rinse it thoroughly. After this, place it in an open lit space to dry. If there is any moisture, do not hasten the drying using cotton swabs. Some cotton strings may get attached to the atomizer, and once you turn it on, the cotton might damage it. 

Storing Your Vape Pen

Storing Your Vape Pen

The makers of vape pens do not build them with longevity in mind. They assume that you will use it for a few days and then dump it.  Therefore, if your vape pen is to last longer, you must take care of it. Keep it in proper condition until you get the last puff. 

Primarily, ensure to place your vape pen in a dry and cool place all the time. Any form of moisture may damage the pen by damaging the heating coil. A very hot or freezing environment is also not suitable for your vape pen. It shortens the life of your battery. Therefore, keep your pen from direct heat and sunlight at all times. Also, place your vape pens at a place kids cannot reach. You do not want them experimenting with marijuana just yet. 

When the Vape Pen Stops Working 

Sometimes, inhaling or pressing a button may not prompt vaping in your pen. When this happens, it is not an outright sign that your pen is broken. Some people assume the pen malfunctioned and throw it away. However, most times, the problem is in the battery area. Check to see if the battery cover is in place and fully closed. If so, check to see whether the batteries are uneven. If they are not placed right, correct it because this could mean the device is not receiving any power. 

If the vape pen turns on but fails to dispense the vapour, there may be residues blocking the outlet. Get the mouthpiece, clean it thoroughly, then turn on the vape. 

If you do all this and your vape pen is still not working, it is indeed damaged. It would be best if you replaced it. 

In summary, a vape pen is a cool, healthy and efficient way to partake in weed benefits. Get a vape pen from Get Kush and begin your vaping journey today.

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